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  • The addon block multiprocess tabs firefox feature known as electrolysis (e10s). Please make it work.
    You are correct, this add-on unfortunately doesn't currently support this unreleased feature of Firefox.

    Given that you are a power user (as this feature is only available on Nightly builds or via editing about:config) I'd appreciate if you were able to submit either a pull request or raise a ticket for this issue.
  • Easy to generate Urls
  • Спасибо ОГРОМНОЕ за Вашу нужную и важную работу!Дополнение полностью удовлетворяет свое название!!!
  • Status bar is no longer available in Firefox, and a lot of this add-on's features require the old status bar. Works well otherwise.
    Hi RB, you're right, this is due a bit of an update. In the meantime you can get a lot of the status bar functionality by right clicking the area next to the URL field, choosing Customise and then dragging the Create TinyURL icon into the area where you just right clicked. Hope that helps. If you need any more help you can use the support email address listed. All the best, Richard
  • Basta cliccare il tasto di questa applicazione sulla barra dei menu e il link breve viene memorizzato. Così si può incollare in documenti, messaggi, pagine internet...
  • helpful and I recomend this
  • Yes, I can recommend this add-on because its simple to use and relevant to most users. Bravo!
  • The add-ion works just great!
    Recommended to anybody that needs short urls.
  • One of the most useful tools available. I love the preview option.

    Apologies for my previous review - the issue was with my system, not your add-on, which is now working fine. Must have been really tired when I wrote that, as your contact info is all there where one would expect it {blush}
  • this url generator is fast, and doesn't consume too much memory! I'm going to go ahead and rate this and TinyURL is one of my favourite service, thank you so much for this service
  • when generetae a url is always http, tinyurl works with https as well, so ? ^^
  • I use this plugin all the time. Makes TinyURLs EASY!
  • The only thing that don't work in Pale Moon 25 is (preview). The page doesn't want to display properly.
  • ottimo plugin!
  • A very simple add-on and it delivers exactly what it promises.
  • this url generator is fast, and doesn't consume too much memory! recommend!
  • From now on I don't need to move to the separate website for tiny url.
  • Excellent! Works perfect. I've been using tinyurl for as long as I can remember. Great to have it as an add-on now
  • I love this add-on and use it daily. Great work! Thank you very much for making this!
  • A very helpful tool. Exactly what I was looking for your needs
  • Excellent! Real time saver.
  • I see some complaints but it works just fine for me. Maybe ya need to update your browser? Two thumbs up!
  • I'm going to go ahead and rate this on the authors efforts and good intentions. BUT I'm Un-Installing it now on account of TinyURL itself being unreliable :((((( has all in all been a totally frustrating experience.
  • I share a lot of links and TinyURL is one of my favourite services. This easy button makes simplifying links for sharing lightning fast.