W - A -R - N - I - N - G ! ! ! Learn from my unfortunate experience w/THIS addon: > > > > > > T I N Y M E N U ! ! ! < < < < < Rated 1 out of 5 stars

W - A -R - N - I - N - G ! ! !
Learn from my unfortunate experience w/THIS addon: > > > > > > T I N Y M E N U ! ! ! < < < < < <
THIS has 2 b THE WORST FF addon EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IF there is a worse 1 I hope I NEVER come n contact w/it!!!!!!
Y such STRONG, EMPHATIC statements? It caused my 1st BLUE SCREEN - PLUS I LOST ALL my TOOLBARS!!!! I have spent literally hours 2 get it back n2 working order, which should b TOTALLY UNNECESSARY - PLEASE do NOT write ANY MORE addons Anthony Lieuallen!!!! Either IF U KNEW what u were/r doing or NOT - That is DEFINITELY NOT how 2 write a good program. It is beyond me how it has the ratings it has (If possible I would give it @ least MINUS 5 Stars!!!) unless it is padded w/family and/or friends. Once they have 2 spend hours fixing what a screw-up caused, I don't c how they could remain friends!!!!
The maliciousness didn't start until --deleting it. But y would I b deleting it in the first place if it was so good? The answer is: he failed to mention in his write-up that his icon itself took up a whole toolbar height (which took up the space he claimed his program was saving!) - the same height and width of a regular toolbar!!! --w/just 1 thing on it - likened to having a WHOLE (regular) Length (entire width of screen) w/NOTHING but the 'HOME' ICON on it. Would make so much MORE SENSE 2 have it as a listing on the context menu, not taking up a whole line and height of a toolbar.
I have downloaded upwards to 50 add-ons w/ff and of course, like some more and some less, but this is the >>FIRST> MALICIOUS

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.0.2).