Nice Christmas theme Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Yes, that's right-I said it: Christmas theme. NOT a "Winter Holiday" theme or "Christian Holiday" theme or "Winter Festival" theme or "Winter Lighting Festival" theme. It's a CHRISTMAS theme-like it or leave it. Hey, I'm not even religious!

This is the only theme I've tried and left installed for more than 5 minutes.
I was sick of looking at the default brushed metal colors. Now the holidays are over, and I hate to remove Tinseltown.
I'm a guy, and I don't find it too feminine or gaudy. I like the look, and have had it installed since before Thanksgiving.
I have one complaint/suggestion: On some windows, the default button is not highlighted, so I'm never sure if hitting the Enter button will perform the correct action. I have to mouse over it to get this theme's stripes to appear on the button, so I end up pushing buttons with the mouse that could have been closed with the keyboard. Wastes a little time and is somewhat annoying.

This occurs on small widows like the "Save Bookmark" dialog box, and the "Confirm Close" box, when attempting to close Firefox with multiple tabs open. Also when opening Firefox and the Session Restore box pops up.
I have the OpenBook and Tab Mix Plus extensions installed, so they could be the problem. TwisterMc may not have written Tinseltown to be fully compatible with these extensions.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.1).