260 reviews
  • You added this f**** capcha, i deleted addon. After more than 5 years using, big dissapoint.
  • When it does work, it works really well. I found some scammers will take an image frame from a video in order to fool these sorts of things. They can also flip the image horizontally, and I am not so sure this checks for that. Not a bad app though, certainly easy to use, but most of the time it finds nothing. I think with some work it would be really good.
  • It is inconventien how an image's full url (inculding the https/https bit) is no longer displayed. I would also prefer the search tab being opned next to my rightmost tab instead of next to the tab with the image I am searching for
  • Muito útil para procurar referências das imagens
  • I can find fake accounts
  • Favori eklenti.