Update for Firefox 5.* Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Hey guys

As you may have noticed, TimeTracker once again no longer works in FF5. However, here's a quick guid to fix it:
(Note: If you have already downloaded the *.xpi, skip to step 2)

1. If still available download the TimeTracker installer from "http://hotfile.com/dl/112924019/b83f225/timetracker-1.2.5-fx4.0.xpi.html" (Thanks to Kenoubi)

2. Change the file extension from "*.xpi" to "*.zip"

3. Extract the "install.rdf" file

4. Edit the line "<em:maxVersion>4.0.*</em:maxVersion>" to read "<em:maxVersion>5.*</em:maxVersion>"

5. Import the "install.rdf" back into the zip file

6. Change the file extension back to "*.xpi" (Note: make sure there is only 1 install.rdf file in the root directory of the zip before changing the extension)

7. Run the "*.xpi" and it should be working agin

Any problems, let me know and I'll try to figure what gone wrong