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  • No lo puedo usar con el navegador actualizado
  • Please notice that I just found that this extension: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/mind-the-time does pretty much all what Time tracker did. In case Time tracker never gets updated, Mind the time is a great option.
  • Download link for updated TimeTracker no longer working.

    Please upload.

    Thank you in advance.

    If you can make the clock more noticiable (bigger font or something), please do it.
    If I change the font in Windows XP settings, it affects too many other places.
  • Can *ANYONE* re-upload somewhere the version that works with FF14 (and beyond)?
    This is a major add-on for me - I appreciate it.
    (The place where posted two reviews down is no more ...)
  • It would be great if the addon can list the sites and times for a day.
  • TimeTracker 1.2.5 with Kenoubi's changes working with Firefox 5 to Firefox 20 (for future ;) )

  • Can anyone reup the fix? It was deleted off Hotfile
  • I love this add-on and it has been disabled again with the release of Firefox 10.0. I was able to get it working again after the last major Firefox release, but I'm not sure what to do now.

  • tried FF5, FF3.5 , FF7.....this is just a waste of time
  • Does what it says, but I often forget it is running there.
    Better to have an Alarm Option to remind you to stop browsing !
  • Please update this add-one to match the last version of Firefox. I didn't find a similar one that satisfied me.
  • I downloaded Kenoubi's program for FF5, 6, 7, but then wasn't sure how to actually install the add-on. How to I run the .xpi file? When I click on that, it opens a folder; and when I open install.rdf, it just opens the commands as a list.
  • I've followed the instructions to get it working for FF 5 and i think i successfully installed it but how do you view the clock without the status bar at the bottom?
  • Hey guys

    As you may have noticed, TimeTracker once again no longer works in FF5. However, here's a quick guid to fix it:
    (Note: If you have already downloaded the *.xpi, skip to step 2)

    1. If still available download the TimeTracker installer from "http://hotfile.com/dl/112924019/b83f225/timetracker-1.2.5-fx4.0.xpi.html" (Thanks to Kenoubi)

    2. Change the file extension from "*.xpi" to "*.zip"

    3. Extract the "install.rdf" file

    4. Edit the line "4.0.*" to read "5.*"

    5. Import the "install.rdf" back into the zip file

    6. Change the file extension back to "*.xpi" (Note: make sure there is only 1 install.rdf file in the root directory of the zip before changing the extension)

    7. Run the "*.xpi" and it should be working agin

    Any problems, let me know and I'll try to figure what gone wrong

  • This is great; simple, effective, easy to use, does what it says.
    I've been using it for half a year now.
    Unfortunately it doesn't work with Firefox 4...
    Juan - Would you be so kind as to update it?
  • Vielen, vielen Dank für das Update!!
    TimeTracker funktioniert nun auch bei FF4

  • Many thanks Kenoubi - your amends work perfectly. Very useful extension!
  • howdy y'all,

    i loved this addon in ff3. it won't work for me in ff4.

    the Kenoubi modification doesn't seem to work for me. [*sigh ...*] i get a notice that the xpi appears corrupt. if some kind person would post a link to a working modified xpi, i will give great thanks. not useful for buying beer, but hopefully good for your karma. [*grin*]

    take care,
  • Thanks a million Kenoubi!
  • This is a great extension; I've used it forever. Super simplified interface for people who don't want to spend more time tracking their time than actually doing stuff.

    I have never written an extension before so I could be missing something, but it seems to work again in Firefox 4 after making these changes:

    1) in install.rdf, change "3.6.*" to "4.0.*"

    2) add these lines to the end of chrome.manifest:

    interfaces components/nsITimetrackService.xpt
    component {01BB9060-7C13-11DA-8BDE-F66BAD1E3F3A} components/nsITimetrackService.js
    contract @usablehack.com/TimetrackService;1 {01BB9060-7C13-11DA-8BDE-F66BAD1E3F3A}
    category profile-after-change TimetrackService @usablehack.com/TimetrackService;1

    3) add this to the end of components/nsITimetrackService.js:

    function NSGetFactory() { return TimetrackModule.Factory; }

    The context menu on the add-on bar entry is still a bit messed up (it has no background, just text floating on whatever's in that space) but this doesn't prevent using the extension.
  • please upgrade for Firefox 4....i really miss this add on...!
  • Excellent tool, when expected onto Firefox ".4" ?
    I changed into ".4" and I miss Time Tracker.
    ... So much that I am wondering if I would come back to a previous version which could support Time Tracker ?!
    Imagine !
  • Very good addon, Could you add support to Firefox 4?
  • Interesting. What I would like is a whitelist (the extension already has a blacklist) and the ability to keep stats over session and filter by day.

    Example: how much time did I spend on gmail today? Was I better than yesterday?
    Whitelist: mail.google.com
    Options: - do not reset counter when closing Firefox
    - reset counter at 23:59
    - keep stats
    Filter: Filter stat by day

    Graphs should be great too.

    I understand this would require much more work than what the extension presently does.

    That way, this extension would become a great time management tool!
  • I've been reading articles on Information Addiction. And I think I have the "symptoms". This little add on gives me a great awareness of how much of my day is spent browsing the web. I was astonished to find out that I have had days where I spend 3,4,5 hours browsing. With awareness comes choice and it's great for me to decide "I've been online for 2 hours now." I can go do something else.

    One suggestion I'd like to give is to have TimeTracker give a little report that break downs which domain names I've been on by time. For example, I could see how much time is spent on youtube.com, mail.google.com, www.google.com, facebook.com, my company's webmail site, etc. That way I have an idea of how time I'm spending doing something fruitful like emailing my uncle or replying to a co-worker, or am I spending most of my time trying to entertain myself?