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  • Thank you, Teester^^

  • Hi!
    Very useful tool. I support the suggestions from Mr. Josef Kufner (October 14, 2014). But although this is a basic version, the improvement for TB is great. Just for that: * * * * *

  • It is awesome. It helps a lot to handle the time on busy days.

    However, it still needs some love and few improvements: Show event tooltips, open event on double click, do not blink on refresh, show all-day events and tasks correctly, ... but none of these drawbacks are show stoppers.

    I also wonder how useful a logarithmic scale would be...

  • Good. But in version 0.5 for the "summer schedule" of Brazil is not working.

  • Useful addon - but please add options to toggle the line with a own defined zoom and refresh rate.

  • Very nice extension!
    Directviewing and useful.

  • Very nice program!

    It also works on Seamonkey + lightning, editing install.rdf

    Please update install.rdf!!!

  • Very nice add-on! Pity it can't be made visible outside of Thunderbird and just be clipped onto the windows taskbar.

    One improvement-wish:
    a mouse-over bubble displaying the infos to the event/task as in the calendar itself (or at least the event-time and full name). That would be really great! :-)


  • Excellent, incredibly useful to keep track of your day ahead. You'll never miss an appointment again.
    Good job!

  • It is useful and I like it a lot, but this "one hour late" bug is annoying. When will this be fixed ?

  • I love timeline, but on version 0.4 for my Pacific Standard Time location, the appointments are eight hours late now. So, it's GMT????

    However, at least it WORKS now for Tbird 7.0!

  • I really like this addon, as it's a much more compact way than the "Today Pane" to view my events. However, starting with version 0.4, the red line and events are all one hour too early. My timezone is Europe/Brussels (currently UTC+2).
    Using thunderbird 7

  • on my PC with TB7 and Windows XP (my timezone is CET).

  • Works fine with tb 6.01.
    Not too beautiful.

  • All it does is show a solid band of color across the bottom of the window unless you turn off all your all-day events and to-do items.

  • Where is version for TB 5 ?!?

  • Nice idea. But it ignores timezone info in external calendars - all times are off.
    Is this abandoned?

  • Just installed but got a good impression about the general concept. For myself, I found Timeline looking deliberately for this function (a running visual timeline), but i think that, with some fine-tuning, it could turn into a very popular add-on, it's the kind of thing people don`t usually know they need until it crosses their way.
    Some benefit would result, though, from vertical scalability or support for displaying 2 or more concurrent events without one getting on top of each other.

  • This is very useful: with small real estate you can see the next events.
    Just some suggestions:
    * At some zoom levels, it's hardly readable. I've done a mockup with some possible improvements
    * It would be cool to be able to click on events, or even to have a tooltip while hovering them.
    * Scrolling: atm mouse wheel change zoom level; this can be ok, but I'd like a way to move on the timeline to see even future events

  • Oh!! ye!! Its a wonderful addon.
    I hope plus+ Project. Thankyou

  • Can't say enough about how much I enjoy this tool! Works great out of the box and gives me exactly what I want to track the ever so fast pace of the work day......

  • Hi, a few more comments:
    * this addon is in conflict with the message timeline addon.
    * the default zoom and the position of the red pointer (how much of the past time is shown) should be configurable.
    * the automatic update frequency should be configurable.
    * onMouseOver: the events should display some details (configurable?) -- double-clicking on it is a poor man's information.
    * when toggled (view on/off), there is no sign (other than the visibility of an event) of what is the current state. The state should be indicated in the context menu since sometimes there are no events or tasks to be displayed and it is then hard to know what state is selected.

    Now I pasted the comments from the notebook and I see that some of them are mentioned in the doc. I keep it as is to show that someone actually cares ;)

    Best regards

  • IMHO, the add-on misses an option to view the sideline in TB (without Lightning) using the data from Sunbird.

    Looks great. I'll certainly use it when SB 1.0 is released.

  • I liked the Timeline for the 3.0pre.
    Since TB3rc1 the addon is no more running showing "additional items needed"

  • looks great

    shame it's not compatible with TB 2 or Lightening 0.9

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