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Thanks for the update, i downloaded ur updated version from mozilla all versions. But the bug fix has lead to another bug. Now whenever i open any site on which time limiter is not set, its Title is replaced by URL. So if say i do not set time limit for "https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/time-limiter/" then this whole URL is displayed in the title.

Also the timer keeps running even when i minimize the firefox window.

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Thanks for your feedback. There is a weird bug in the new version as I've just tested and it seems to work in my current profile but doesn't in others. I will try to fix this. Meanwhile, please use the old version 1.0.
Also, a workaround to stop the timer when you minimized Firefox is to switch to another tab or open a new one. This will be fixed in the new version as well.
Thank you for your patient.