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"I suppose many people want to browse website and meanwhile watch youtube video"

The best addon for that is PopVideo (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/popvideo/)
... 10x better than splitting the browser frame, can also have alwaysOnTop enabled on the popout. Of course it just pops the video, so if you still want to read youtube comments then yeah Tile View.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.6.1-signed). 

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

In response DW-dev thanks, here is what I have to say...

"The the approach taken by Tile View is the more practical if there are more than two tiles displayed, because it avoids the problem of lots of screen space being lost to multiple tab bars."

Oh for sure it is a more practical approach if you want more than 2 panels, I'm not disagreeing with that. What I am saying is that for the majority 2panels is more than enough (I'd be willing to bet that is the most used option) when split vertically as it utilizes a widescreen display far better. And allowing users to have a separate tabbar directly above a 2nd panel makes browsing workflow for each separate panel much more organized allowing you to switch webpages (tabs) per panel and visually see which tabs will actively show on its corresponding tile panel. Just makes browsing a little more efficient for each separate tile process aswel as allowing users open new links into separate tabs for that panel. Some might say that just dragging a tab out into another separate firefox window and then using Win7 AeroSnap is an ok alternative to the total lack of this functionality, but its pure bloat when you take into account the duplication of gui elements.

Really i just don't know why out of all the firefox splitting extensions (some defunct) none have attempted to split the tabbar for a dualview like extension. Seems like its easier enough to make a separate panel within the main firefox frame window and have it display a site, but don't go no further.. Having said that your extension doesn't do what Foxsplitter does and introduces toolbar bloat into each panel tile. So on that front I really do prefere it, as navbar, buttons etc can all be used on which panel is active, so to me its the closest there is dualview perfection.. Even notepad++ allows users to move docs to a sideview and provides a separate tabbar for those docs.

I suppose if the reluctance is in making a 2nd tabbar for a 2nd tile panel like it was a completely separate optional mode. Then maybe implement some sort of tabbar indication on each actively displayed tab. Such that each tab that is actually being displayed in a tile, has some sort of graphical indication like a different tab color, or just some stylish marker near the favicon to indicate its active on some tile. Because right now if I fill my tabbar up with 30+tabs etc while only having a clear indication of 1 active tab, regardless of having (n)tiles split and more of those tabs actually on screen, there is zero indication of which ones are active when looking at that tabbar. Also maybe include an option to not allow swapping of tabs if its already active in one panel. Because then at least users could cycle tabs in an active tile, and if they cycle a tab that is already active in another tile, it won't get swapped around. Perhaps offer that functionality in the form of an option users can set on an active tab so its locked to a specific active tile, much like 'tab mix plus' provides users an option to lock a tab so that it can't be closed. So you can still change the active tab in that active tile, but you can't goto another tile and change tabs and end up getting a tab displayed in it that was locked specifically to another tile view. I mean you could take it further and other tabs that were created out of a tab that was locked to a specific tile, also become locked to that tile. At least this way and with graphic indication on those locked tabs, it would be like looking at a separate tabbar.

So when cycling through tabs on another active tile, Tile View should just skip over tabs that are locked to another tile. Like if you had 4tiles and you're using one while using [mousewheel] on the tabbar, only the active tile panel should change websites, the other tiles shouldn't swap and change sites just because its been requested to be shown on the active tile at least if its locked(which should be a global option). So Tile View should just force the firefox tabbar functionality to skip over those tabs that are already active in other tiles.

Well that's all I have to say on it and doubt those ideas would be implement, just wish the Maxthon approach was adopted in at least one firefox extension. It's clearly not the sort of tab workflow improvement you'll ever see coming out of Mozilla that's for sure. Firefox 10 will probably just get around to providing [mousewheel] support on the tabbar for switching tabs by that time even though its been in an extension for years. While Opera now has proper decent tab grouping management directly on the tab bar, Mozilla provides craporama tab grouping.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.6.1-signed). 

Small icons on tab buttons indicate which tabs are displayed in tiles

Okay, so Firefox is not Maxthon, and Tile View doesn't make Firefox work like Maxthon. However, Tile View does provide a very effective way of browsing multiple web pages within a single Firefox browser window, albeit using a slightly different approach to Maxthon.

With regards to indicating which tabs are being displayed in tiles, this feature already exists in Tile View. The tab button of each tab that is being displayed in a tile has a small icon just to the left of the close 'x'. You should be able to see these small icons, unless you have disabled them in Tile View options, or unless another add-on is masking them.

Absolutely agree that the implementation of tab groups in Firefox leaves a lot to be desired.

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The addon would be better if could actually implement this better functionality (splitting the tabbar, for separate tabs that relate to its corresponding split panel):

http://img833.imageshack.us/img833/4386/dualview.jpg (a proper secondary tab bar! for the 2nd panel split)

screenshot explains all. Splitting more than twice is almost never done, though its a nice added novelty, but the actual workflow and tab logic on it is completely illogical and could be improved.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.6.1-signed). 

Different Approaches

The "browser-splitting" approach taken by Tile View is different to that taken by Maxthon, but both approaches are equally valid. Tile View implements a single tab bar, so that all tabs are available to all panels (tiles). Maxthon implements a separate tab bar for each panel, so that a particular set of tabs are associated with each panel. The the approach taken by Tile View is the more practical if there are more than two tiles displayed, because it avoids the problem of lots of screen space being lost to multiple tab bars.

The workflow is not illogical - first select the tile, then select the tab - that's it! Once a tile is selected, that tile acts as a normal browser and tabs are selected in exactly the same way as with the normal Firefox browser.