Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I'm a long time fan of tile tabs and while testing this spiritual successorI was pleasantly surprised.

The switching is quick and versa"tile" (haha...shoot me)

-I miss the simple blue border around the favicon from tile tabs. I sometimes tile app tabs AND i now use the favicon add-on (every tab is only a favicon) and I have NO visual lead on which tabs are tiled. could you please change that? it was a cleaner way to show what was tiled.

-It can be a bit disconcerting when you travel to another tabgroup (panorama) that the tiles stay ,active and while clicking left and right tab you automatically change tabgroups. I love that now;but a warning might be in place,I feared I had lost a lot of my tabs. And maybe a function that every tabgroup has it's own tiles?

Oh and I just found that if you delete a tab on far right with 'assign existing tab from right" that you immediatly acces other groups in panorama. Very disorienting,please let me deactivate this behaviour. (for now I set in on "assign to left" for that reason,but I would like it differently)

EDIT: I just found that "assign to left " also gets this behaviour.

-I know you can press F12 to initiate a layout,but I prefer to drag and drop all the time. I cannot initiate a layout by dragging anymore,which I found better.

-Shortcut for untile tab,maybe even untile all tabs.

-Maybe make an already tiled tab unclickable or prevent it from loading in the other tile? Because now if you click it it gets switched around to the tab with the selection. This can be very disorienting (again).

Ofcourse these are just my findings,but if these issues could be resolved this would make it so much better

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.1.1-signed). 

Please e-mail to discuss further

Thanks for this very useful and objective review of Tile View. I would like to discuss the points you have raised in more detail, and also to get your views on some major changes planned for Tile Tabs. Please e-mail me at dw-dev@gmx.com.