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  • Tile Tabs WE is hobbled by the WebExtensions update. I'll be sticking with this version of Firefox (~57), as this version does exactly what I need. I do not like the multiple windowing that WebExtensions forces me to use when viewing documents side by side.
  • fine
  • Ce plugin est une killer app, un must have tool tout ce que vous voulez !

    Une fois essayé c'est adopté ! Très pratique !

    Merci au dev. !
  • God... This extension is better than it seems. Using firefox 56, which is almost as good as 57 allows me to use this extension.
  • save time
  • Essential add-on for translators to be able to see 2 versions of a website side by side in source language and target language. Opening a separate window is a clunky solution. PLEASE make Tile Tabs available in Quantum!
  • Will it be available at some point in time for the new Firefox? It was really good! Next to S3 Translator the reasons to use Firefox!
  • It's one of the reasons I won't upgrade to Quantum.
  • Excellent, pourquoi n'est-il plus maintenu ?
  • This extension is the only reason I use Firefox!
  • Outstanding extension. Really hoping more functionality can be restored in the webextension.
  • ecxelente amigo yo trabajo con este sistema por dios haslo en la ultima version de morzilla pero este tab el otro es raro y feoo saludos y exitos
  • I love it, and can't work without ... your new version is not usable unfortunately. I won't then upgrade Firefox until it really works on the same manner.
  • .. I can't rearrange the existing tiles. I use 8 tabs at work and I wanted to get them into 1 main tab on top and divide the rest below. When I hold shift and drag the tab where I want it, it creates a duplicate of my existing tab in the area where I want to move it... not a helpful feature. Maybe I am missing something?
  • This is great but the new version is awful!
  • I saw there are many complaints about support for FF 57+ versions. I have v56, but also this is not working for me, firefox is started, but nothing to see on display, I can not kill the process.

    Who is the a****le to blame for changíng FF for the bad, to not allow to display several tabs in one tab?

    What kind of bullshit to patronize over experienced users?

    I surely will find a fork version of firefox which is supporting useful features also in future.

    Another time that Firefox loses me as user.

    Edit: I am using WATERFOX now, Firefox is not available in 64bit anyways.
  • I find myself using Tile Tabs as an integral part of my browsing. This has to be the most useful addon ever!
  • Perfect! Hoping WE version will became same functional in future when WE allow!
  • I just wish I had found this amazing add-on sooner. Now it will be obsolete soon as FF 57 is coming closer... WE version is not quite done it seems. Still unstable and some say not all features are present.
  • Tile Tabs is the best!
  • I've been using it for several years for my work, and I'm not planning to leave it for Firefox 57, I simply won't update.
  • One of the main reasons I use FireFox.
    Probably should say "have used" FireFox as with the changes, new Tile Tabs WE doesn't work for me.
  • Please, i need of this addon on Firefox 57+, "Tile Tabs WE" don't works like this, is horrible.
  • Please make it works for FF57 Quantum! ;(
    It is not possible to migrate Tile Tabs to Firefox 57, because the the new WebExtensions APIs do not support displaying multiple web pages side-by-side within the same browser window.

    However, a new add-on, called ‘Tile Tabs WE’, has been developed that does something similar to the original Tile Tabs. It is not as slick as the original Tile Tabs, but it does provide a quick way to view multiple web pages in a tiled layout, and supports synchronized scrolling and opening links in next or previous tile.

    You can install Tile Tabs WE from here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tile-tabs-we/
  • Overall this is a pretty handy tool to have. One issue I've recently noticed however is that it removes the focus on Google's search box when you go to google.com. You have to manually click the box to start typing.

    This may seem super minor, but it's actually super annoying since you're so used to just being able to type right away.

    This is happening with the version 14.12, and Firefox 55.0.3 (64-bit).
    Cannot reproduce this problem.

    How exactly are you going to google.com?
    - Are you typing into address bar?
    - Are you clicking on bookmark?
    - Or some other method?

    Which operating system are you using?