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  • Its a very good extention, i like it, but theire is no way to remove a small settings icon in top left corner? its opens it self each time
  • is there no different between tabs we and pages we now?
  • I wanted to scroll two windows simultaneously. This is an awesome solution for that. However, I found that one window scrolls a little faster than the other.
  • Incredibly useful extension. Use it everyday for Twitch and it works perfect.
  • Hi, the plugin still opens tabs in separate windows. I use the newest version 11.14 on Firerox 67 on Kubuntu 19. How can I have opened all tabs inside single window? Thanks!
  • По сравнению с прошлым - дрянь, плодящая кучу окон, пользоваться невозможно.
  • È un’ottima estensione, che permette di differenziare i livelli delle ricerche e della lettura dei contenuti, di monitorare più siti, o sezioni di sito, contemporaneamente ecc. Utilissimo, ad esempio, bello streaming. Tra l’altro non esiste su nessun altro browser. Non capisco perché Firefox la boicotti, e la collochi tra le obsolete, peraltro senza spiegazioni, non permettendo neppure di reinstallarla.
  • Geteilte Tabs haben keine Funktion, Eingabe in die Adressleiste führt einen immer zu Google.
    English Translation:

    Divided Tabs have no function, typing in the address bar leads one always to Google.


    The purpose of the tiled tabs is to allow you to view the tabs side by side at the same time. If you are tiling existing tabs, then those tabs will be displayed in the tiles and the address bars will show the URLs of the tabs. If you are tiling new tabs (because there are insufficient existing tabs), then then the Default page will be displayed in the tiles and the address bars will show the URL of the Default page (as defined in the Tile Tabs WE Options).
  • Tile Tabs was ruined the moment it began opening "multiple tabs" by way of opening the additional tabs in SEPARATE WINDOWS.

    The ONLY reason ANYONE would look for an extension such as this one is to do EXACTLY what it used to do. We want to minimize the number of windows we have open BUT also be able to view multiple sites - side by side - for comparison and quick use of information from one tab into the other without switching.

    Until this function is once again usable for that EXACT functionality, this extension is utterly useless.

    Either commit to fixing that functionality or please retire this add-on.
    Using the new WebExtensions API's, it is not possible to display multiple tabs simultaneously within the same browser window. This is why Tile Tabs WE has to move each tiled tab into a separate window.

    Reasons why you might want to use Tile Tabs WE:

    • To compare multiple web pages side-by-side.
    • To synchronize scroll multiple web pages side-by-side.
    • To open links from one tab in adjacent existing tabs.
    • To save tiled layouts which can be re-opened for future use.


    Tile Pages WE has just been released and displays multiple web pages in a single browser window!
  • I cannot figure out how to use the add-on. None of the Linux shortcuts work; maybe related to the window manager? How do I sync-scroll? I would assume that all tiles just scroll simultaneously when enabled? However, only the active tile scrolls. So far, it would be great if it just did what is advertised.
    You can change the keyboard shortcuts using the Tile Tabs WE Options dialog. When Firefox 66.0 is released, you will also be able to change the keyboard shortcuts from the 'Tools > Add-ons' page.

    You can synchronize scroll adjacent tabs if you enable the 'Sync Scroll' menu item on the toolbar button menu or the page context menu. When you scroll any tile in a horizontal or vertical group of tiles, the adjacent tiles will also be scrolled.