Rated 2 out of 5 stars

It does nothing (using FF 3.0.12 nightly on WinXP) - no reaction. No configuration works and surfing the homepage I found nothing like Bug reports (so that I can see, if this 'effect' is known by others and/or by the developer).
As long as I find nothing in this direction and there is no update I leave it uninstalled. Nonetheless a good idea, ...but good ideas also need often a lot of work.

can we have more info?

Which version of TidyReady are you running? have you installed
successfully? If so, have you checked whether you disabled TidyRead?
More info can help us to diagnose.

Right. We will have a link to bug report. Thanks for your suggestion.

Update: just setup a bug report and feature suggestion forum at http://tidyread.uservoice.com/