Reply to Matt, and review Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Actually, I'm mainly writing because I want to reply to Matt who posted earlier.

Matt, no worries, you should still be able to edit. At least with TiddlyWiki5 which I'm using myself, but I'm guessing the previous incarnation works the same way.

Simply open the wiki in your browser, make your changes, and then download/save the wiki as a new file. The new file can replace the old one, as it should have all your changes. It's not as smooth since you're not saving the changes directly—and must remember to save before leaving the page or closing the browser window—but it does the trick for those on Chrome or Safari, or those who do not have this add-on installed.

It's really built to be portable and available to anyone and everyone; a fantastic platform. I've been creating my own toolkit around the new alpha version for kickstarting my upcoming projects. It's open source and (although in development) available at for anyone who wants to use it.

I personally love this add-on. There's not much to say, as it does a seemingly simple job very well: it makes an already pleasant experience a lot simpler, smoother, and even more enjoyable!

Thanks to Jeremy for creating these tools and making them free open source software.

Best regards,

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.0alpha18.1-signed.1-signed).