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  • Since this doesn't seem to be maintained anymore, I changed a few things so this works in tb 60

  • When I opened the program ttoday I got a false error message on home page, inviting me to click on the loink to update my drivers, otherwise mu PC would be definitively blocked - there was also a pop up imiting a error system message - choose better the third parties allowed to expose text on home page with your extension, because people who took your extension don't need to be exposed to infections
    En ouyvrant le programmme tout à l'heure faux message d'alerte en page d'accueil, m'invitant à cliquer pour metre mes drivers à jour sous peine de voir mon ordinateur se bloquer - avec message d'erreur système ou imitation d'un tel message (pop-up) - choissisez mieux les tiers autorisés à implémenter du texte sur la page d'accueil (volet de visualisation) parce que là ça craint
  • not working on latest thunderbird version. Developer stop updating in 2012.
  • This addon shouldn't even be able to be installed in TB 52. It's a mess. Opens only the the read pane, NOT tabs, messes up the layout if you change anything there at all, and the options can't even be changed. Click Okay - nothing happens at all.
  • Scrolling with middle-mouse pressed will open a new tab when released while hovering the mouse over a link.

    Didn't find an option to remove the "New Thunderbrowse tab" button which is located at the right in the Title Bar.

    Also has limited support for panning left and right on certain websites.

    The options window won't close upon pressing "ok". Variables appear to be unchanged in the menu, but actual functionality seems to be full.
  • Needs update. Allows browsing once it opens its window, but weird things until then, with many items not responding.
  • ThunderBrowse continues to work just fine in TB 45. However, not all of the options work, and changes to those that do work are not reflected in the options window. The options selected in the options window remain unchanged even after you have selected different options and ThunderBrowse's behavior has changed. Weird!
  • This extension works well, but has one small bug:

    When I change the path of the external web browser in the preferences, it seems to be saved OK, but it sometimes reverts to the old value the next day.
  • The most current version of Thunderbrowse is 3.82 from 12 October 2012. If I view a web-page in Thunderbrowse, is this like viewing the same web-page in Mozilla Firefox from 2012? From a security standpoint you should not use a browser which was not updated for years. Is this security aspect also true for Thunderbrowse?
  • It is partially working on Thunderbird 45.
    As other users have reported, it is impossible to save the addon options.
    Please fix!
  • It's not working anymore.
  • It's broken.. you can not save any option changes so it makes the addon useless to everyone.
  • This use to be one of the most useful extensions for thunderbird. Unfortunately it doesn't work anymore since a while. I'm sure that it would be easily fixable (but unfortunately I don't have the skills to do it myself). I'm still keeping up the hope that maybe someone with the right skills will be able to fix it and release a new version. Let's pray guys
  • As others here have reported, I can't save options so this addon is of very limited use. Looks like it has been abandoned by the developer, unfortunately.
  • I can not save my options change, plis check that!
  • Was fantastic in the past, but stopped working in Thunderbird 38.1.
  • Dear developer, Why have you given up on this great add on? It is one of the most useful add ons for TB. There is no other add on that does even a fraction of all these things. If you remember my name, I had given lot of feedbacks on its use in developing it during early days. Please find some time and release a new update. We would be greatful to you. Thanks. Rawat.
  • ThunderBrowse 3.82 is actually a great idea but at the sane time, does NOT work correctly within Thunderbird 38.0.1, and it's the only tool we can see that does what we almost "desperately" need it for. What to do ?
  • Thunderbrowse 3.82 breaks the Remote Content preference in Thunderbird e-mail client (31.6.0). Had to disable Thunderbrowse in order to get the remote content preference to work.
  • I just installed this plugin (v3.82) in Thunderbird (v31.5.0) I see the plugin in my message pane and am able to navigate to websites. If I click to another tab (Add-ons Manager in this instance) and go back to my main tab that contains ThunderBrowse, my page is blank. Refreshing fixes this, but I was mid form, looking up info to fill. My main issue with the add on is that when I open the preferences for the add-on, I am able to make changes to settings, but the OK button does nothing. I am able to close the dialog, but obviously none of the changes are reflected.
  • Opening a page without opening firefox was my wish, and this addon delivered. Nice and useful addon.
  • To make a long story short: nice idea, maybe worked once, now (TB 31 on Linux) it's broken.
  • Unfortunately none of the option changes can be saved, the "OK" button can't be clicked (W7 and Debian GNU/Linux tested). Last version dates back almost 2 years so this is probably abandoned now.
  • Nice add-on but same problem as the previous user has, won't change settings.
  • I love thunderbrowse, but last update have a issue for me (using tb 31). In options windows, when change any setting, accept button don't work!!!