Robert Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Hi Jesse, I need a similar add-on, but I am not sure if I can istall any Add-On which is older than the current version of Firefox I am using 3.6.
am I right ?... Anyway, like myself, there are many people who have difficulty reading; especially when web designers insist in usin miniscule font, with all the space there is on a web page. Please thake 5 min to read my message .........
I understand the concept of design, look, feel of a site, but they go too far. This brings me to my point; Yes, there are settings to adjust FONT, COLOUR, FONT STYLE, PAGE BACKGROUND .... but I don't want to go into the settings every time and adjust these settings, according to which site I happen to stumble on. All that is needed is a few buttons that can change each setting at the press of a click . A means of enlarging thumbnails at the hover of the mouse. A zoom feature that simply extends the page vertically when zooming in, instead of distorting the whole page; a button that contrasts text on background and least but non last making it easy to get some feedback. A box with a Report Problems, limited word count like this one.
Dear Jesse, I know that there are people willing to pay for a good product like that ! I use Zoomtext, and it is usefull for 5 minutes, than it gets so frustrating to keep changing settings, that I close it. If you want a more detailed vision of what the product could be like, please contact me : I know I've written too much, but there are no GOOD PRODUCTS ( magnifying) out there that can serve the people with eye sight problems, related needs ... and you can make money as a bonus :))

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