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  • hi team,
    Your add on is incredibly awesome and I am using it since ver 47.X
    Thank you very much for it.

    But I am facing issue with it since 50.X version that its not giving visualization in it and keeps on loading for those messages which are having more then 10 threads.
    I did tried turning off extensions for some of folders to lower its load but it didn't help me.
    can you please help me out on this ?
  • Weltklasse!!!
  • Need feature
  • very good
  • The add on is like a torch in a dark house! really down to purpose of build. I love it & I recommend to my friends who work with Thunderbird.
    It would be great if the behavior could be the same i.e. in reading email panel behaved as in preview pane (F8) .
    Plus, on MS Windows platform works better than on Ubuntu.
    However, that's a great tool!
  • This addon has worked well for me but not sure what has happened lately. For some reason Threadvis doesn't work on some of my messages that I know have a thread associated with them. I'm using Tbird 38.0.1 on MacOS 10.11.3. It seemed to have happened when I started my new job and OS migrated to El Capitan, but not totally sure.
  • This used to work once upon a time and it was great! I am not sure how long ago it stopped working but it has been a while. I have Thunderbird version 38.3.0. Reinstalled but nothing shows. The options button within the ThreadVis extension doesn't even function or bring up any window. It just seems dead.
  • It's not the extension I was expecting but it's the one I needed. I had something else in mind for a threaded view extension and this is a different approach but it works nicely. It's well designed and easy to use. I didn't quite get the concept until I got a few replies and then it became very intuitive.
  • I loved this addon... until it stopped working. Since a few months ago it simply does not show anything. It does not have anything to do with some incompatibility with other addons, disabling all of them but this, and with the Thunderbird default theme, it does not work. I guess it might have something to do with the new versions of Thunderbird, but I don't see anybody else complaining here. Very strange, but the fact is that for me it's like if I didn't have it installed.

    EDITED: I love it again... I found out that it didn't work because somehow the Global search and indexer had been disabled. Fixed.
  • Great tool, works fine, very intuitive, a must have.
  • I like this better than "Thunderbird Conversations" because it uses the same and usual Thunderbird interface that just works. Thunderbird conversations sometimes hides attachments or shows emails formatted different from what you had configured. This one just works.
  • Nice tool, however its not "working" with the conversations plugin. If it does i will love to use it..

  • Quite useful to keep track of long chain of emails. Easily find out who sent which message, when, and learn at a single glance if there were some messages in the conversation you didn't receive.
    This really clever plugin will really help you sort complicated stuff faster.

    It won't be useful if you only deal with single messages with only few replies however. And the disk/memory usage is a bit unclear.
    It also still needs some fixes, but it is an extremely useful addon that should be integrated in most webmails and email clients in the future IMO
  • I love this add-on. I'm currently using this on my UBUNTU, but I am unable to download this add-on on my windows7.
  • can not install unfortunately, TB 24.5.0 !
    Can you give me more details? Any error messages? Any errors in the error console? What exactly is not working?

    It's working for me with Thunderbird 24.5.0, >95% of the add-on users are using 24.5.0, and you're the first to report any problem.
  • Tolles Addon - coole Idee!
    Erweiterungsvorschläge dazu:
    alternativ "nur" ein extra Button neben "Re"/ "Fw" etc., im Mailheader mit dem die Anzeige in einem Extra Fenster einblendbar ist.
  • Amazingly helpful for finding old emails and sorting conversations, and the developer is still on top of maintenance. Looking forward for the upgrade so that it works with TB 24.
    I just submitted version 2.2.0, which works in Thunderbird 24. Either wait until it has been reviewed and appears here or download it at http://threadvis.github.io
  • Excelente complemento, lo uso varios años, ha dejado de funcionar para la versión 24, pero espero verlo de nuevo funcionando. Saludos.
  • I love that add-on, I used it since 2011, but in 24th version it doesn't work anymore.
    Please fix it.
    I'm currently testing an updated version which works with Thunderbird 24, an update should be released in the next days.
  • the title says it all
    I'm currently testing an updated version which works with Thunderbird 24, an update should be released in the next days.
  • I have just installed it and I already love it :)
  • Mozzila add-ons page says it's compatible up to TB version 17, but the add-on homepage itself says it's only compatible up to TB version 9, and hasn't been updated since December 2011. I'm on TB17 and I can't get this add-on to work.
  • It's beautiful AND helpful.
  • i use this addon for years now and didn't want to miss it.
    it is extremely useful if you have a large folder structure and use "copy sent to current" addon too. with ThreadVis it is always possible to retrace a mail thread.

    only drawback i found: i found no way to disable ThreadVis on "Sent" folder