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  • Ellerine sağlık çok iyiiiiii

  • Does EXACTLY what it says it would.
    (FF 21.0)

  • I hate Thunderbird's UI font, it's too big, too waistful. This extension is so simple, yet it has such a big impact.

  • Finally, I can read the subjects list in Thunderbird, again. This is just what I needed.

  • It's so helpful in managing the UI and making the text much more readible. Thanks for a very user-friendly, simple fix for frustratingly large or small text.

  • Can, please, someone tell me, how I activate this really well made add-on in Thunderbird? I had no problem doing so in Firefox, but where the heck are the add-ons in TB hidden?
    Thanks in advance


    Developer response

    Hi Alf,
    There are several ways to get to the Add-ons Manager in Thunderbird.
    Alt + T + A
    Click on the AppMenu button if you have the Menu Bar hidden > Add-ons.
    If the Menu Bar is showing, Tools > Add-ons.
    Theme Font & Size Changer is activated automatically after you install it and restart Thunderbird and there will be a button in the Status Bar to access the options, or use Alt + V + T > Customize and drag the Theme Font & Size Changer button to a toolbar.

    If in the future you need assistance with Thunderbird, you can get help from the Thunderbird support site at the following address.

    Thanks for the rating.

  • Great add-on! Whether because you love to customize or if you have difficulty reading standard fonts, this is the add-on for you!

  • This is a must to deal with the problems introduced by FF22 update, which forcibly scales both the GUI and webpages to the system DPI. On systems that use a DPI greater than 96, you have change layout.css.devPixelsPerPx to 1.0 in order to achieve native 100% zoom, which makes the GUI too small. This extension lets you change it back to a comfortable size.

    As other posters noted, network errors and notices are not changed, but I'm still giving this 5 stars because without it I'd have to use another browser.

  • When applied, font size on message boxes like "Problem loading page"/"Server not found" will not be changed.

  • Simple and Effective in both Firefox and Thunderbird. The only drawback is that in Thunderbird it misses the "Background Color" option

  • Awesome add-ons. Doing exactly what I wanted it to do: change Thunderbird UI font size. It just works!

  • A wonderful addon. Teşekkürler.

  • Superbbbbbb!!!!!!!!
    Great Work!!!!!!!! :)

  • I've been using this for several years now and thought I'd just post to say thank you very much for creating this and keeping it supported.

    Works great for me with Ice Dragon and Noia4, I like fonts with serifs and italics, and this does the job perfectly, thank you.

  • Firefox fonts got real tiny after updates. This addon fixed it easy.

  • In regard to my previous post about using the addon with Thunderbird, I have it installed now and working well with both Firefox 22 and Thunderbird 17.0.7

  • I too was worried that the FF22 beta change in system dpi scaling would be a major headache in future Firefox releases for those of us who use relatively large screens and must choose a custom dpi setting over 96, so I am very relieved to have this great addon at my disposal. Not only does it address the small font size that is byproduct of the needed about:config tweak, but I can now further finely customize my GUI to fit my personal requirements

    Developer response

    We appreciate the kind words.

  • Simply an excellent extension, especially for my tired eyes.

  • With ff 22 bringing the new system dpi scaling instead of the old zoom, I had to change it back in about:config to avoid horrible blur of ui icons. Unfortunately that made the ui text too small, so this has helped greatly in stopping me from squinting. Thankyou.

  • Hundreds of fonts, all available in normal or bold, any color you wish, any size you wish. This ad- on does not just make the default Firefox fonts larger or smaller. The options screen opens on top of Firefox. Each option chosen is shown immediately. No guessing, no restarts. I am in my 60's and my eyes are not as good as they were 40 years ago. I need bold fonts. So happy to find this!

  • Thank you so much for the return of font style support in the drop-down menu. I gave a 4 star review in Feb as a result of the removal of font style (thanks for your explanation as to why you had to remove it) You then offered to see if you could re-include it in a later version, and now you have done so! In a world were too many people take no pride in their work, you are an inspiration, especially as you do all this on a volunteer basis. If the banana republic in which I live did not have such draconian exchange controls I'd definitely be sending you hard cash. Alas, all I can offer you is my admiration and gratitude. By the way, I've told so many people about your great work ethic.

  • Coole Sache. Vielen Dank!

  • extremely useful!

  • This add on is the bomb i love it thanks

  • At last... Changed the font to BOLD and my old eyes can now READ the text in the Toolbar!! Thank you!