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  • Can't change font size anymore on android
  • useless
  • Too bad this is still not working with latest FF 69. Add-on owner should update addons.mozilla.org to make it clear that it doesn't work anymore. One-star, which I'll happily remove once Dev updates to be more clear to avoid wasted time. If you want this working again, be sure to complete the survey at https://goo.gl/forms/Y6SGQfDxHPnMitMl2
  • Doesn't work with Firefox 68.0.2 :(
  • No longer works and it should tell about this in the description clearly, not after installing it. Hence the 1-star.
  • Olha parece ser bom mas ele não
    é compatível com meu asus 007
  • No longer enlarged font on Browser and Mozilla Firefox is too small to read. People who design programs need to realize that the internet users who began using internet when it was first available are all middle aged now and struggling with presbyopia and astigmatism issues that make it really hard to read smaller font sizes, or anything under 14 pt. That said, I like 16 pt because it allows me to read it comfortably with my glasses, without squinting. So now I can't see the theme font because it's white on a light background and it's much smaller and it's not a font that stands out, as the lettering is all small and thin. It was stupid of firefox to stop allowing this extension to work properly.
  • it not working in Firefox
  • Useless. Better to go to computer display settings, change viewing size to 125%.
  • TF&SC still not working with FFox 66.0.4. When is this add-on going to be updated to work with current FFox releases? Baris Derin where are you?
  • It doesn't work for new versions of firefox.
  • Like other users have said - "Don't wait until the extension is installed to tell us it doesn't work. You're just wasting our time." We've been waiting well over a year for an update - will this extension be fixed, or won't it?