The Green Web 2.1.1

Privacy Policy

What information does The Green Web Foundation receive through the use of The Green Web add-on?

Through your use of The Green Web, we receive information generated by the The Green Web Add-on:

If you use The Green Web Add-on, it will contact our servers when you use Firefox to visit websites in order to check the status of these websites. There is a caching-function active for 60 minutes, so if you visit a certain sites 10 times in one hour, there will be only one check with our servers.

How does The Green Web use the information it receives?

We use the information we receive from our users to provide our users with various services as follows:

When you use the The Green Web Add-on, we collect usage data which we analyze in aggregate to learn how the sustainability of the Internet is developing. Furthermore we specifically aim to give back the data to the users of the add-on, in ways that will develop in the coming years.

Does The Green Web share the information it receives?

In general we don’t. But since we are an open platform for all green hosting-services and databases about green hosting-services, we do want to be able to share data with partners that operate other green site-databases. This type of data though is never about individual add-on users.

This add-on uses google analytics tracking to count the number of users using this addon. It only reaches out once to google on starting your browser/installing the addon.

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