The Fox, Only Better Version History

11 versions

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Version 1.1.10 236.5 kB Works with Firefox 34.0 and later

- Changed: Release Notes tab URI defaults to about:thefoxonlybetter instead of chrome://..., which is now fully functional in multiprocess firefox (e10s)
- Bugfix: the Release Notes link in the preferences dialog would sometimes fail to work
- Bugfix: compatibility with Tree Style Tab's autohide tabs toolbar feature, toolbars would not be properly sized

Version 1.1.9 236.1 kB Works with Firefox 34.0 and later

- New: option to show the mini bar on every tab select. This may have caused the other preferences relative to the mini bar to reset, so you may have to reconfigure them; I'm sorry for the inconvenience on this one, it shouldn't happen again.
- Updated: pt-PT and zh-TW locales
- Bugfix: compatibility with Australis Small Icons add-on, wouldn't take effect with Slim Chrome enabled
- Bugfix: compatibility with Classic Theme Restorer's movable back/forward button, appearance issues in the mini bar
- Bugfix: sometimes opening or closing the sidebar would leave the top toolbars positioned incorrectly in the window
- Bugfix: compatibility with Tree Style Tab add-on, made it easier to show the toolbars when moving the mouse to the window title

Version 1.1.8 231.3 kB Works with Firefox 34.0 and later

- Changed: show the toolbars for a few seconds when previewing themes
- Bugfix: sometimes the location bar wouldn't have focus on startup when it should

Version 1.1.7 231.1 kB Works with Firefox 34.0 and later

- New: ru and zh-TW locales
- Changed: the mini bar will only appear when switching to a background tab that has changed location (webhost) since it was last visible; this was the intended behavior from the start
- Removed: compatibility with Firefox 33 and below
- Bugfix: prevent some visual glitches during startup
- Bugfix: improved compatibility with my other add-ons, if you use any of them make sure they are also updated and restart your browser afterwards
- Bugfix: compatibility with Link Location Bar add-on, when previewing links in the mini bar and the mouse moves over it, the mini bar will jump to the other side of the window so that any links under it can still be accessed
- Bugfix: a few issues with the bookmarks toolbar introduced in the last version
- Bugfix: integrate better with Firefox Developer Edition's theme
- Bugfix: add-on would forget the keyboard shortcut when opening the preferences dialog
- Other minor improvements

Version 1.1.6 220.5 kB Works with Firefox 32.0 and later

- Bugfix: release notes page would not render correctly with certain locales that have long strings
- Updated: enhanced compatibility with my other add-ons

- Bugfix: fix an issue introduced in the last version, for compatibility with my other add-ons
- Minor improvement to the themes (personas) code

- New: support < (less than) and > (greater than) characters in the keyboard shortcut
- New: added version information to the top of the window DOM tree, for better compatibility with themes
- New: show the release notes tab when the add-on updates
- Changed: when using the FT DeepDark theme, the default style is "Compact" and the default animation is "Slide Down"
- Removed: compatibility with Firefox 31
- Bugfix: enhanced compatibility for the FT DeepDark theme
- Bugfix: toolbars wouldn't be properly styled when previewing themes (personas)
- Bugfix: add-on was not deinitializing properly (because of this you may need to restart your browser if you're updating from a previous version, for the update to fully take effect)
- Bugfix: the mini bar could get stuck open on certain websites (e.g. that physically remove the input fields from the DOM
- Bugfix: right-clicking the toolbar placeholder strip when Slim Chrome is enabled should open the toolbar context menu
- Bugfix: toolbars would be hidden behind media elements (flash videos, java applets, adobe reader, tabs opened through the FireIE add-on, maybe others...)
- Bugfix: possible fix for add-on requiring a browser restart to fully update sometimes
- Bugfix: compatibility with AniWeather add-on, weather animation popups would be hidden behind the toolbars
- Bugfix: compatibility with Puzzle Toolbars (formerly The Puzzle Piece) add-on
- Bugfix: style and animation preview wouldn't work if options were opened from the add-on manager
- Bugfix: the add-on would fail to completely deinitialize on some tabs when entering customize mode
- Bugfix: correctly handle overflowable toolbars
- Updated: code clean-up
- Small code change to address an AMO reviewer comment

Version 1.1.3 165.3 kB Works with Firefox 31.0 and later

- Updated: nl and zh-CN locales
- Bugfix: mini bar wouldn't appear sometimes when text fields from certain tabs were focused
- Bugfix: compatibility with HackBar add-on, keep its toolbar visible (move it to the bottom of the window so it doesn't interfere)
- Bugfix: compatibility with Tree Style Tab add-on, mousing over the tabs on the sides or at the bottom shouldn't show the toolbars
- Bugfix: compatibility with RequestPolicy add-on, clicking its button in the hiding toolbars wouldn't open its popup menu
- Bugfix: toolbars style and animation previews weren't correct

Version 1.1 163.5 kB Works with Firefox 31.0 and later

- New: preferences dialog accessible through the right click menu in any toolbar at the top of the browser!
- New: option to show the mini bar on all input fields
- New: option to toggle whether the chrome reacts to mouse movements
- New: can toggle Slim Chrome through the toolbars context menu and through a customizable keyboard shortcut (default is F9)
- New: tapping Esc in the location bar or search bar will hide the toolbars, only if it won't do anything else, such as closing the suggestions popups or reverting the location bar's value
- New: can set sensitivity (delay) to mouse events for showing and hiding the chrome
- New: option to keep the navigation bar visible, hiding only the other toolbars like the Bookmarks Toolbar
- New: different styles for the hovering toolbars: australis, spacious, compact and full width
- New: different animations for showing and hiding the toolbars: no animation, fade in, slide down, roll out and GiT's hinge effect (special thanks to Geek in Training for this one!)
- New: Sky Lights give you security information about the current webpage while the chrome is hidden
- New: other add-ons have the ability to keep their toolbars or buttons visible in the mini bar if they choose to
- Changed: can disable the mini bar on content location changes
- Removed: compatibility with Firefox 30 and below
- Bugfix: e10s compatibility
- Bugfix: compatibility with RSS Ticker add-on, its toolbar placement becomes a bit unpredictable and also inaccessible sometimes
- Bugfix: compatibility with Roboform and other add-ons that add toolbars after TheFOB is enabled, their toolbars would be covered and couldn't be accessed
- Bugfix: compatibility with Tab Groups Manager add-on, tabs (and groups toolbar as well) could be inaccessible
- Bugfix: compatibility with Status-4-evar, when progress bar is shown in the location bar, at least the mini bar should be visible until the page finishes loading
- Bugfix: compatibility with Status-4-evar, dropdown arrow shouldn't be visible in the mini bar
- Bugfix: compatibility with LastPass add-on, clicking its toolbar button would make the toolbars jump up a few pixels
- Bugfix: compatibility with Link Location Bar add-on, the hover link is displayed in the mini bar if the toolbars are hidden
- Bugfix: panels opened from the mini bar wouldn't keep it open if the website changed while the panels were open
- Bugfix: opening the submenu popup of the "Remember password" panel would cause the toolbars to expand and the panel to appear corrupted (and possibly other similar cases)
- Bugfix: misaligned chrome top border in the latest nightly builds
- Bugfix: roll the toolbars from the right side when in RTL locales
- Bugfix: fix personas support in RTL locales
- Bugfix: Ghostery toolbar button (and maybe others) would not reappear sometimes after closing and re-opening the browser window
- Bugfix: enhanced compatibility with my other add-ons
- Other minor fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.10 116.4 kB Works with Firefox 29.0a1 and later

- Updated: fr locale
- Bugfix: drop indicator for when dragging items in the bookmarks toolbar was too high up

Version 1.0.9 116.3 kB Works with Firefox 29.0a1 and later

- Bugfix: can't drag tabs to toolbar, such as for bookmarking

- Changed/Bugfix: the add-on should be enabled in fullscreen if the native option to hide the toolbars is disabled (always in OS X)
- Bugfix: on rare occasions, the location bar's autocomplete popup would cause the toolbars to be permanently stuck open
- Bugfix: when opening a new window and the homepage is set to about:newtab, the location bar wouldn't have focus, and so it would be hidden
- Bugfix: search engine selection menu wouldn't hold the toolbars open
- Bugfix: hovering the "List all tabs" menu shouldn't show the toolbars behind it
- Bugfix: toolbars shouldn't show on HTML5 fullscreen

Version 1.0.7 115.6 kB Works with Firefox 29.0a1 and later

- New: fr and zh-CN locales
- Bugfix: get rid of some annoying (but harmless) messages in the console
- Bugfix: the toolbars wouldn't hide automatically sometimes
- Bugfix: toolbars wouldn't appear after saving a file for the download completed animation if the downloads widget was placed in the menu panel
- Bugfix: sometimes when opening the menu panel, it would be nearly collapsed
- Bugfix: opening sequential panels or menus, while the previous was still open, could sometimes let the toolbars hide before they should
- Bugfix: Ctrl+E/K to focus the search bar would sometimes let the toolbars hide, or would not work at all
- Bugfix: if opening a panel from a keyboard shortcut, and the keys were released too quickly, the toolbars might not show and the panel might be positioned poorly
- Bugfix: the bookmarks toolbar wouldn't over/underflow properly its items
- Bugfix: the location bar would be blank after exiting customize or after enabling/disabling/updating the add-on
- Bugfix: sometimes the context menu would jump to the top left corner of the screen
- Bugfix: the Bookmarked Item panel (Ctrl+D) would sometimes appear below the window
- Bugfix: after exiting customize mode, the top toolbars could appear when moving the mouse close to them without actually hovering the top chrome area
- Bugfix: the toolbars shouldn't show when hovering menus opened from the menu bar

- Bugfix: F6 not working correctly

- Changed: no big round borders and margins in toolbars of small popup windows
- Bugfix: toolbars shouldn't hide before the bookmarked item animation finishes
- Bugfix: toolbars could sometimes begin to hide for a moment when opening a popup, instead of staying open
- Bugfix: sometimes a popup opened from the toolbars would be invisible
- Bugfix: compatibility with the Speed Dial add-on: opening the Speed Dial tab and focusing the location bar would make it very hard to hide the toolbars afterwards
- Bugfix: added a safe-guard against the toolbars getting stuck open sometimes
- Bugfix: context menu in any of the bookmarks toolbar links would have all its entries disabled
- Bugfix: sometimes the toolbars would hide with a panel still open in them

- Bugfix: compatibility fix for latest Nightly build: mini location bar had a slightly broken layout
- Bugfix: identity-box would jump a little in the mini bar when going back/forward in the tab history

Version 1.0.3 107.1 kB Works with Firefox 29.0a1 and later

- Bugfix: tab drop indicator was cut off when dragging links/images to the tab area
- Bugfix: on occasion the chrome could be stuck hidden after dragging tabs
- Enhanced compatibility with opening panels and popups from other add-ons

- New: nl and pt-PT locales
- Changed: show the chrome when changes are made to the toolbars
- Changed: don't hide the mini location bar while the mouse is hovering it
- Bugfix: nav-bar shouldn't over- or underflow when it's hidden, it's useless (it will only revert everything when shown again) and inacurate (its width isn't its real width)
- Bugfix: don't hide toolbars when opening the edit bookmark panel
- Bugfix: don't hide toolbars when using keyboard shortcuts to open the panels
- Bugfix: don't hide toolbars when opening panels from widgets in the overflow panel
- Bugfix: the mini bar shouldn't extend out of bounds on small windows
- Bugfix: focusing the mini location bar wouldn't hold the toolbars open if the window was too narrow
- Bugfix: the bookmarked and download started/finished widget animations would be hidden behind the toolbars
- Bugfix: the toolbars would be locked open after dragging tabs, now the toolbars always hide when a tab is dragged, since they aren't needed in this case
- Bugfix: the browser UI could collapse when hovering the identity box
- Bugfix: no version information in preferences (about) dialog
- Bugfix: compatibility with Location Bar Enhancer add-on: breadcrumbs wouldn't appear;
-- the breadcrumbs will still disappear if you disable TheFOB, but there's nothing I can do after the add-on's been disabled; to get them back just disable and re-enable Location Bar Enhancer

- Bugfix: compatibility with Omnibar add-on:
-- don't hide the navigation bar when the search engine menu is open
-- don't show the search engine in the mini location bar

- Initial release