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  • Hello and hank you for this extension ! My firefox updated to version 57 so I couldn't use it anymore.

    I couldn't live without it, so I made a port called Xdebug-ext. I hope it's fine with you.

    Thanks again for all this debugging with a simple clic :-)
  • Can you please make this compatible with Firefox 57 please???
  • Hi, can you add support for Firefox Quantum and Firefox Developer Edition?
  • Please enable cookies for this page? Why。。。
  • Does not work with firefox 56 ???
  • "This add-on is not compatible with your version of Firefox."
    My FF version is 57
  • Helpful plugin. I like it.
  • Hello, I see the answer on this https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/the-easiest-xdebug/reviews/900688/ perhaps publish a github repository and let people make a pr for it?
    no need to, one can download the xpi, extract it and get the code :) Anyways, there is no much useful code, if someone wants to write a new plugin for WebExtensions
  • It works great.
  • Easily the best extention available for remote debugging.
  • Will this be updated for the impending removal of old Firefox extensions in favour of WebExtensions in the coming months?
    Thank you for the stars.
    Unfortunately I decided not to support it. I did not get good experience with WebExtensions.
    I do not like, that I can not rewrite my addon in a way it would look&work exactly same. I like to click on a button and get a result, I do not like to create small webpages with options and show them to users before they can get an immediate result. Feel free to take it over. :)
  • Please no fancy icons. The new debug/bug icon (mirroring effect, different iconset than the other two icons) is already near to make me uninstall the plugin. I dont want fancy or animated icons. Nevertheless thanks for functional plugin, its a great help.
  • It's a matter of 2 minutes. Install it, tell the add on what IDE you are using and voilà!

    Thank you for your contribution
  • Cute and easy, thank's you !
  • Super simple. Good job :)
  • No issues, works as advertised.

    The only detail is that the bug icon appears to be different on a retina screen vs a regular screen.

    I use a MacBook with a HD monitor, and the monitor has the green bug while the MacBook has the red, circular bug. Not a deal breaker in anyway, but would love to see a consistent experience.
  • Is it possible to set different icons that go well with the Developer Edition style? That would be awesome, especially because this addon is aimed at developers. IMHO they should be white when disabled, and colored (flat) when enabled.
  • I use it with vim and the vdebug vim plugin. Good combination.
  • It's a great tool, but it breaks the session started from the IDE replacing it's ide key on the second request.
  • Easy to configure your IDE key, and works solidly.
    Thank you for your feedback!
    The new 2.0.1 version of the addon works in private mode now :) You should have it upgraded already
  • This plugin simply does what is supposed to and does it well...
  • Great one.
    Console issues seem to be on Firefox side.
  • Very useful, but since I upgraded to Firefox 29 this add-on breaks my console logging. Calls to console.log(), console.info() etc. do nothing.
    are you sure that my addon does that? did you try to disable it and check console logging?
  • since firefox 28+ addonbar was removed. I cannot see debug icon anymore.
  • When trying to access the manual I get "Forbidden - You don't have permission to access /xdebug/ on this server." Activate the plugin with wrench in lower right hand corner of browser. From there just play with it. From just playing with it for a few minutes it's clear that it's got a lot of great features similar to firebug and it will take me some time to figure out how to use the debugging features without access to the manual if your debugging experience is limited.
    I am very sorry, the server was down. Check now.
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