Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I have been using this great tool and thrilled that my purchases help provide multiple streams of income straight into the Camel's mouth, they deserve every dollar of affiliate income derived from the products I buy!

No savvy NewEgg.com or Best Buy shopper should be without this tool, it provides immense leverage when buying that cool new gadget you've just gotta have and helps determine lowest price historical data and whether or not the merchant's latest liquidation, blowout, extravaganza or clearance sale is really all they claim or just a bunch of smoke & mirrors, fake markdowns off inflated prices or everyday prices with rebate hassles attached (and who wants those!)

It would be great if the Camelizer could be interfaced with that really cool Lowest-Price Search Engine "TheFind.com" which has tens of thousands of merchants, not just a few big ones.

In any event, Camelizer is a must have Firefox Add-on, even if its usability and breadth has sadly being narrowed down to just two.

I find both Camilizer and TheFind.com as the web's most indispensable tools for daily use. Camelizer far exceeds the competition, even if greedy multinational corporations like BP.. err, I mean Amazon, have banned/blocked both Camelizer and TheFind.com so they can scam, fleece and hoodwink unsuspecting customers out of money with bogus "lowest price of the season" sales, when in reality, tools like Camelizer told you the truth behind Amazon's price-fix and market-manipulation. I realize now all the big boys play dirty and I will have no part of it.

In fact, I just deleted my Amazon account, after 11 years and spending tens of thousands of dollars with them, shopping Amazon is now a pointless endeavor and virtually useless without my trusty Camelizer working to reveal hidden truths at every click and turn of the page.

Amazon, shame on you! Bite the hand that feeds you? That's Epic Fail.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.2).