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  • I love this theme! I was using it until just now when I installed 4.0 - now it doesn't work anymore. :(
    Please update for 4.0! Thank you!!
  • not for windows :(((
  • not for windows :(((
  • This could have been for me the best theme ever, but why the heck is there a stupid "b" and "n", where every body is crying for a left and a right pointing green triangle? Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius is spinning in his grave.
  • I want it for Windows! :-)
  • ...you would hear the sound of Jakob Neilsen spinning in his grave. Mystery meat navigation is the most egregious rookie mistake when doing interface design. Such a shame, I was hoping for some Bauhaus minimalism and functionality, not an affront to common sense.
  • Since I don't use OS X, I loaded:

    "Strata Bauhaus 1.2"

    Strata Bauhaus 1.2 works excellent in OzOS (Linux) as well as XP.

    The Bauhaus reloaded I will have to try in OS X...one day.
  • > The Bauhaus reloaded is not available for Linux.

    WTF? 8-@
  • Looks great. Would love to see a Windows and/or Linux version.
  • OS X only ? others too, plz.
  • I'm craving for a Linux version AND the same theme for Thunderbird (for Linux as well )
  • I also had been craving this theme for other OS's and Firefox 3.x. I have been patiently waiting for an update, though there are limits to my patience. So, I have updated (and slightly modified) the theme to work in FF3.x.. see:


    It is currently in "Experimental" phase that I hope to have reviewed and promoted to "Public" status soon. I gave Egmont credit for the original theme art (had to modify it and add on a bit for FF3.x), and Xavius credit for some of the code.
  • perfect idea! what about Linux version?
  • This looks like an outstanding theme. I'd love to see it for Windows.
  • Please make a version compatible with Firefox 3.
  • this is totally retro! it would be much better though if you could actually understand the buttons [ex: back, home, refresh, ect.] i cant remember all of them! but it is totally cool!
  • All below is true!
    Are you on holidays?
    Do something for us, poor users.
    BAHAUS for Life ! (and for firefox 3, also)
    see you.
  • I am nuts about this theme! Colorful simplicity. I am just sooooo anxious to have an updated version for the new Firefox!! I check back all the time, so pleeeeeease update as soon as you can, for all your fans! I've contemplated going back to the old Firefox just to be able to use this theme!!! Thank you so much!!!
  • But please, please update it so it works with FF 3. PLEASE!! :)
  • love, love, love it. I've used it for 6 months now and I just reinstalled my OS and I'm downloading it. How about a Bauhaus theme for Thunderbird, now? :D Cheers!
  • please update
  • How cute this is!
    Please create windows version.
  • S'appeler "Bauhaus pour tous" et ne s'adresser qu'aux "apple few" est un peu incohérent. Doublement si on considère que la forme est fonctionnelle, et réciproquement (je ne suis pas designer)
    Triplement si on considère les idées qui ont conduit à la création d'un logiciel libre tel que firefox.

    Si vous utilisez un Mac, firefox, et "Bauhaus pour tous", pléonasmes, vous encourrez les risques lié à la dissonance cognitive.
    Ce sont des risques trés graves qui "tuent des bébés" de par le monde.

    En tout cas le theme a l'air joli, Ce qui motive qu'on donne son avis...
  • I echo the other reviewers' comments -- please make a Bauhaus theme compatible with FF3. Merci beaucoup.
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