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  • indispensable
  • The Addon Bar ist leider nicht mehr mit Firefox Quantum (build 59.0.3) kompatibel, ich würde mir sehr freuen, wenn eine neue Version herauskommt.
  • La barre de modules est "pleine" avec le thème par défaut.
    Alors qu'elle est "vide" avec le thème Nautipolis.

    Y'à t-il uns solution pour ce soucis ?

    - The Addon Bar (Restored) 3.2.9-compat-fixed-4
    - Firefox 52.4.1 esr
    - Nautipolis 3.12
    - OS : Linux
  • Diese Ad-on-Bar bietet direkten Zugriff auf Add-ons, die man beim Surfen braucht. Ich habe dort die Icons von QuickJava, MeasureIt, PixelZoomer usw. und kann so nach Bedarf mit nur einem Klick während dem Surfen jederzeit z.B. Java oder Flash aktivieren. Nur so ist es praktikabel, diese meist unnötigen Gefahren standardmäßig zu deaktivieren.
  • Doesn't work with quantum, so I've downgraded ff back to 52 ESR, works fine again.

    Firefox needs to stop breaking our beloved addons, and customization :(

    I tried Vivaldi instead, but that has an issue with not-saving history, so sticking to this.
  • Doesn't work tired of Firefox making changes and having to find out where something went later. Moving to Edge.
  • instead of the old Addon-Bar you can use the "The new Addon-Bar".
  • No more update - dont install and delete from repository.
  • Thank you Al for your suggestion, it really nice and compatible with FF 56, also they are up to date with the latest version of FF
  • I was very happy with "The Addon Bar (Restored)" until it stopped working in Firefox versions 55 & 56.

    Today I have found an extension that is better than "The Addon Bar (Restored). It's called "Status-4-Evar". It is compatible with FF 55.0.3; and it restores the TRUE status bar that predated the "Add-on bar" and offered so much more info and flexibility than the so-called "add-on bar".

    I haven't tested it in Firefox 56.0, because, frankly, FF 56.0 is pure junk! With FF 55.0.3, Mozilla finally was getting back to being the outstanding browser that I came to love and depend upon, fixing some of the bugs that were in FF 55.0. I was hopeful that Firefox 56.0 would be even better; but it is probably the worst browser I've seen in years for hanging, freezing, crashing, and sucking memory dry of all of the browsers ever. So, until Mozilla corrects the myriad of bugs in FF 56.0, I will stay with version 55.0.3 -- and my new favorite extension that restores the status bar to what it should be--a status bar.

    Goodbye, Geek-in-Training. I wish you well.

    For those who want an actual status bar rather than a makeshift substitute, I recommend "Status-4-Evar", available at:
  • The addon-bar was working fine with the old version. After updating the ff, it is not working anymore.

    Please update it. Thank You
  • I love this addon
    please update ASAP
  • i dont know why unless someone fixed it but its now working with 55.
    great huh.
  • Please update to Firefox 55.0.3
  • Not working with Firefox 55.0.3 :(
  • Firefox is just not the same without the toolbar at the bottom. I'm sure I speak for a lot of people when I say; please make it compatible with the newest Firefox!
  • Incompatible. No funciona en la última version de Firefox 55.0.3. Vamos Mozilla, dejen de romper los cocos, habiliten los complementos, no le hacen mal a nadie, es al contrario, sirve para mejorar Firefox, no es problema sel desarrollador, es problema de Mozilla, Firefox. Actualicen a una nueva version con todo habilitado, todo en orden y dejense de romper los cocos. Así, no.
  • Great extension, too bad Mozilla is trying to kill its own browser by making nearly all extensions incompatible with the latest realeases of Firefox. Please update, we need your extension!
  • Adding my voice to hope for an update. Really wish Firefox would just add this to the browser itself, it's really handy!
  • Firefox seems to be quite intent on wrecking their browser these days . Please update
  • The reason for this addon to exist is Mozilla's utter misconception of how their browser is used by the people. This addon is part of my daily work with the browser. To have a working version for the current Firefox version and later appears essential. Keeping fingers crossed for a solution!
  • Please Update to support 55+
  • I used this constantly. It made it so much easier to keep the clutter down. Now I have my weather app just sitting there and it is annoying. You Mozilla needs to do something to fix the problem and make this available for all Firefox versions. Until it is resolved, I guess I too am going to use Chrome. Thanks Firefox
  • Thee Add-On Bar was one of the most consistently useful Firefox extensions. I used it countless times every day, and will find it difficult to replace the functionality. Now that Mozilla has disabled it (as well as the irreplaceable Lazarus), I have little reason to continue using Firefox, and will be migrating to Chrome in the near future. Well done Mozilla for alienating your user base!
  • They keep screwing with good addon's so I've stopped updating. Seems Motzilla somehow sneaks forced updates and broke my Addon Bar. I kept a copy of old firefox browsers and backpeddedl