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38 reviews for this add-on
  • Outstanding tool! Can't save to local file but useful for marking up page for screenshot. I am going to be using this tool very frequently.

    Developer response

    thank you - on the history page you can save the highlights to a local text file;)

  • Great AddOn! I really loved it! Great support, very good communication with the developer.
    This is the best Text Marker AddOn under the new Firefox platform! It's simple but also powerful, very flexible.
    The developer is ready to implement new features upon the user requests.
    Please support this AddOn!


    Developer response

    Nice that you like this addon:)
    @Folders: In principle, I do not consider any feature requests from reviews, which decrease the addon's overall rating

  • Good addon. Useful, simple.

  • very useful!

  • Easy to use and customise. Very useful. Good interface. It works. If possible, it would be useful to have an "append to text file" export option to use same file rather than create new file for each export. Great work! Thanks!

    Developer response

    Thank you
    @Export: For security reasons the WebExtensions API doesn't permit writing to local files. Triggering the "Save as"-dialog is all I can do, so I'm afraid there is no way to avoid creating a new file for each additional export.

  • LOVE THIS !!!

    Take some extra time to customize it and ie after i highlight text i click on the Y keyboard shortcut i made and it highlights the text forever. close page > reopen page and text is still highlighted. turn off some notifications as they can be annoying.

  • very usefull addon for me, thx!

  • thank you so much....
    i am waiting long time for this update....

  • took a little getting used to but it does what I want

  • Great for every day use!

  • Went through so many highlighting add-ons, this is the absolute best. Thank you so much for taking the time to create this, best wishes to you.

  • Last version add personal ShortCuts + Colors it's so great...
    [Edit, BUT because I use a LOT OF marks] it'is just crashing ff (message saying script is busy and, finaly I need to stop it). So you need to be carfull (And use, for exemple, addon "UnMHT" for static saving page, should be a great export feature in the futur in mht or pdf...).

  • Thank you very much for a new version - was looking forward to.

  • Glad to see author is planning to work out WebExtensions compatibility in advance of FF big shift in November 2017

  • but i had to downgrade to firefox 53 in order to treestyle tab would be working for me, but it could be that i cannot save textMarker, after reload of page marks are away, still good as bookmarking reading point during having page open

  • Good app, but I'm waiting for the sync function, as it is announced. I hope they'll add the ability to link highlightings to a bookmark, to send them on cloud service, and an ability to link a post-it to the highlight, (for instance: to explain a word or a notion)

    The thing that I don't really like, is that accedding the marked page or highlights is not easy, please improve the access to annotations/highlights and annotated pages (and with tags)

    Developer response

    The reason for the delay of the next release is that its review by Mozilla takes months.
    @Sync: The new version will have an export/import option (export: save a backup file of your settings and highlights; import: pull such a file to a different FF profile). This is not exactly syncing but as I explained above syncing is not possible.
    I did not really understand your other points (post-it, accessing) - maybe you can explain it in more detail via e-mail?

  • Very good complement! Very good for highlighting certain parts of a page. Thank you!

  • Text Marker is one of the few, if not the only highlighting addon that still works with recent versions of Firefox. Unfortunately, the Help documentation appears to have been designed for small screens. Part of the Help pages are cut off due to poor page design. The documentation states, "Select some text dragging the mouse over it while holding the left button and then press M" but the developer has also said, "Noone told you to hold down the mouse button for highlighting text." Edit: see developer's note on, "Click M after you have selected some text."

    Edit: Thank you for the clarification. I don't know what I was incorrectly doing before because I cannot duplicate the problem again (that happened to me many times before), but highlighting is working great now. I hope you continue work on the addon!

    Developer response

    These 2 statements you cite do not contradict eachother. You hold your mouse button to select some text THEN you click the button M. You could reformulate it like this: Click M after you have selected some text.
    And (as I wrote on my profile page): I am working on a new version which will include a brandnew UI - including a detailed manual.

  • Very useful. I think I discovered a bug tho. TextMarker seems to have broken when I uninstalled the "Edit Page" addon (another nice utility). FYI.

  • 这种高亮、保存插件我已经寻找很久了,这是我找到的最满意的一个!非常方便!无论是高亮快捷键,还是支持重新打开网页时保留上次的标注,还是它的一键导出全部标记功能,都非常实用!感谢开发者,网络摘抄好帮手!

  • Now I can mark and export essentials of my text files. The support is very good. It's a living addon because of continued development.

  • This is a good extension, but it does not work for my local file

    Developer response

    I already added this feature for upcoming release which will be in about 1-2 weeks

  • I spent hours looking for a simple persistent highlighter and I finally found this! I am so thankful! Some requests: Allow unlimited color assignments, users should be able to choose any hotkey for any color. Keep up the good work!

  • No need to re-list the "about" section- works as advertised, and lightweight. There's even a bonus wiki look-up for selected words. Great work!

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