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  • Could you please add "create folder" function to help users better sort out saved history? Also, could you please let users set and change local directory for saved history? If possible, please refer to an outdated add-on called Wired-Marker. Thank you for your work!
    Feature requests via e-mail or GitHub only please;) See also the remark on the main page (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/textmarkerpro/) right under "About this extension".

    @folder: The history works with tags (instead of folders). You can add tags to each history entry and filter your entries by tag names; this has the same effect as opening a folder - instead of putting your entries in folder "someFolderName" just add the tag "someFolderName" to those entries.

    @local directory /
    @ref to Wired-Marker:
    I'm not sure I understood what you mean. Please follow the feature-request-procedure mentioned above. E-mail is fine, but opening an issue on GitHub lets other users participate as well.

    Best wishes, underflyingbirches
  • looks good and promising.
    i haven't figured out if there's any sharing ability features on the addon. is or will there any sharing feature for Textmarker?
    Hi Irwan,
    a sharing option is on the todo list. Can you open an issue on GitHub or alternatively contact me via e-mail? It would be helpful to discuss with the users what and how exactly they would like to share. Sharing via e-mail would be text-only (no markup), since there is no remote server behind Textmarker.
  • It bookmarks things I never wanted, which is very annoying. When I click its History, to bring up my highlights, it's full of garbage. Also hijacks other tabs/windows with a popup dialog box with some ridiculous message.

    Edit to dev response:
    >Hi Adam, it is advisable to read the instructions first, before posting false reviews ;)
    >I addition you have the possibility to contact the developer in case there is something you didn't understand.
    >Have a good day.

    First off it's not a "false review." You may have good intentions but your programming and design skills are very poor (sorry to say it this bluntly but I believe in honesty and someone should tell you that—so that you can improve if you choose to do so).
    As to "possibility to contact developer," I (and most of people) am not going to sign up to github and 15 other platforms because of one issue in one poorly made addon. So I'm doing it here.
    Hi Adam, it is advisable to read the instructions first, before posting false reviews ;)
    I addition you have the possibility to contact the developer in case there is something you didn't understand.
    Have a good day.

    You are just posting false statements and insults and call it "being honest".
    And you don't even have to create a GitHub account, but can simply write an e-mail if you found a bug or don't understand how the extension works.
    And clearly you don't understand it, because you haven't even read the instructions.
    If with "bookmarks" you mean Textmarker's history: Textmarker doesn't store anything you didn't do on your own. If you say otherwise, then you clearly lie. Textmarker will save your highlights to the history, and when you don't like them being saved automatically then just disable this feature - where is the problem? And the content of the history is "garbabe"? Well, it's what you saved, so don't blame anyone else but yourself. Ridiculous messages? You can disable any sort of notifications - they are meant to help the user, and clearly you need help.
  • Thanks to thoughtful people like this developer, I can get the idea "it would be nice to be able to highlight this," do a quick Google search and bam, there's a free extension with more features than I even need. Thanks!
  • 網頁內容關鍵字著色不二的選擇,非常好用!
  • Spent days highlighting my notes for the upcoming finals only to find out it didn't save ANY of the highlights. There is no save button so one would assume it got saved automatically, apparently it doesn't.

    EDIT: After enabling an option to save automatically it worked.
    Hi Larry,
    I recommend to test after your first highlights if they got saved.
    Saving highlights works for thousands of users. Why it doesn't work for you can have tons of reasons (i.e. wrong OS, wrong usage or simply that you did highlights on a page that constantly changes its content). Therefore I also recommend to read the instructions first and in case of problems ask the developer for help (per email or by opening an issue on GitHub).

    EDIT :-) Also keep in mind that Textmarker might not be able to restore your highlights in case the corresponsing page's content changes before your next visit. Address for issues/bugs/feature requests: https://github.com/ufb/Textmarker/issues
  • Fantastic add on! Just about perfect for highlighting within current Firefox. I have one issue that would make this 5-star add-on a 6-star: allow Custom Markers to appear under Customize Shortcuts. I want all my shortcuts to start with Alt but Customize Shortcuts does not show my Custom Markers. My desired end state is Markers for alt-1 alt-2 alt-3 alt-4 with alt-d as delete. With Textmarker 3.10.0, the alt- modifier can not be used with Custom Markers like alt-1 and alt-4. Note, the whole issue with having to use Alt- is because I use "Search for text when you start typing" which means just using 1, 2, 3, 4 for markers also causes the Firefox search to pop up for that number. One other feature would be nice: Textmarker right click pop-up option to delete all markers on current page. Anyway, awesome highlighter, easily the best option for Firefox webextensions, maybe the best Firefox hightlighter ever!
    Hi UPukaJRm, thank you, I appreciate it! Custom shortcuts for custom markers is a good idea - will be implemented with next release (which will take a while, because I'm currently working on a bunch of new features).
    For deleting highlights I recommend using the context menu (right click), or in case you want to delete the last highlight it would be safer to use the corresponding shortcut for "Undo", which you can customize as well.
    For deletion of all highlights I'm not so sure if that would be something that is really needed, because you could just delete the whole entry from the history, which has the same effect;) Feel free to email me to share your thoughts on that (undflybir at gmx.de); alternatively you can open an issue on github: https://github.com/ufb/Textmarker/issues
  • Great one!
  • doesn't work on PDFs
    Yes, and I mentioned at 3 different places that FF doesn't allow extensions to work in built-in PDF-viewer anymore. So, nothing I can do there.
    Anyway, I recommend using the highlight function of the pdf program of your choice
  • single most useful browser extension for anything notes
  • Excellent concept. Highlighter linked to note, with clickable index in separate browser page. Excellent customisation of highlighting and easy intuitive use.

    Enhancements suggested:
    1. Notes resizing is limited - cant make small enough
    3. cant move notes, they block text! (cf Page Memo addon which has great note functionality). Moveable notes with callout arrow to the highlight would be great.
    4. Clickable marker on the highlight for notes (like the one for bookmark) would be very useful to show where notes are and access minimised notes (instead of 3 clicks through page context menu?).

    +looking forward to ability to use on FF pages. :-)
    Hey piecevcake, I'm glad you like this addon :)

    Please understand that feature requests should be posted on github (for public discussion) or via email - but not in form of a review (especially not one that decreases the average rating, like yours does;)

    That being said, I recommend opening a github issue and when I find the time I might improve the notes feature here and there for future versions
    Here the link: https://github.com/ufb/Textmarker/issues

    Some quick notes on your suggestions:
    - You can just click a highlight for opening its note (has to be enabled in settings). You can also toggle all notes on a page: Via button in Textmarker's sidebar or via button in top-right corner of the page (has to be enabled in settings)
    - Unfortunately content scripts from addons are currently blocked on Mozilla pages as well as in the built-in PDF-viewer and in Reader-Mode
  • wev are provide bestb packags.