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  • Fantastic add on! Just about perfect for highlighting within current Firefox. I have one issue that would make this 5-star add-on a 6-star: allow Custom Markers to appear under Customize Shortcuts. I want all my shortcuts to start with Alt but Customize Shortcuts does not show my Custom Markers. My desired end state is Markers for alt-1 alt-2 alt-3 alt-4 with alt-d as delete. With Textmarker 3.10.0, the alt- modifier can not be used with Custom Markers like alt-1 and alt-4. Note, the whole issue with having to use Alt- is because I use "Search for text when you start typing" which means just using 1, 2, 3, 4 for markers also causes the Firefox search to pop up for that number. One other feature would be nice: Textmarker right click pop-up option to delete all markers on current page. Anyway, awesome highlighter, easily the best option for Firefox webextensions, maybe the best Firefox hightlighter ever!
    Hi UPukaJRm, thank you, I appreciate it! Custom shortcuts for custom markers is a good idea - will be implemented with next release (which will take a while, because I'm currently working on a bunch of new features).
    For deleting highlights I recommend using the context menu (right click), or in case you want to delete the last highlight it would be safer to use the corresponding shortcut for "Undo", which you can customize as well.
    For deletion of all highlights I'm not so sure if that would be something that is really needed, because you could just delete the whole entry from the history, which has the same effect;) Feel free to email me to share your thoughts on that (undflybir at gmx.de); alternatively you can open an issue on github: https://github.com/ufb/Textmarker/issues
  • Great one!
  • doesn't work on PDFs
    Yes, and I mentioned at 3 different places that FF doesn't allow extensions to work in built-in PDF-viewer anymore. So, nothing I can do there.
    Anyway, I recommend using the highlight function of the pdf program of your choice
  • single most useful browser extension for anything notes
  • Excellent concept. Highlighter linked to note, with clickable index in separate browser page. Excellent customisation of highlighting and easy intuitive use.

    Enhancements suggested:
    1. Notes resizing is limited - cant make small enough
    3. cant move notes, they block text! (cf Page Memo addon which has great note functionality). Moveable notes with callout arrow to the highlight would be great.
    4. Clickable marker on the highlight for notes (like the one for bookmark) would be very useful to show where notes are and access minimised notes (instead of 3 clicks through page context menu?).

    +looking forward to ability to use on FF pages. :-)
    Hey piecevcake, I'm glad you like this addon :)

    Please understand that feature requests should be posted on github (for public discussion) or via email - but not in form of a review (especially not one that decreases the average rating, like yours does;)

    That being said, I recommend opening a github issue and when I find the time I might improve the notes feature here and there for future versions
    Here the link: https://github.com/ufb/Textmarker/issues

    Some quick notes on your suggestions:
    - You can just click a highlight for opening its note (has to be enabled in settings). You can also toggle all notes on a page: Via button in Textmarker's sidebar or via button in top-right corner of the page (has to be enabled in settings)
    - Unfortunately content scripts from addons are currently blocked on Mozilla pages as well as in the built-in PDF-viewer and in Reader-Mode
  • wev are provide bestb packags.
  • Great addon !! Really love it, does the job perfectly and is very useful for my intensive reading.
    The developer was also kind enough to quickly rectify a bug which was in conflict with my other add on :)
    Simple yet powerful !
  • Addon works good, but I have realised that it is problematic while cooperating with text editor ecosystem for html that I used - the CKEditor. Whenever I was using it, I had to turn off the addon, because the textmarker adds 'tmui' tags which are problematic for the code.
    fixed in version 3.8.3
    The tmui element won't be rendered if either there are no page buttons to show or page buttons have been disabled

    Disable page buttons like this:
    - Open Textmarker settings
    - Choose tab "Misc"
    - Uncheck the checkboxes for showing notes- and bookmark-button

    Quick note on bug reports:
    Please consider using the issue page on github instead of posting it in a review:
    Alternatively you can also write an e-mail
  • wonderful :)
  • love тнe eхтra тιмe we нave тo cнooѕe oυr rewardѕ and geт oυr poιnтѕ and мoney ѕo мany ι dιғғerenт wayѕ
  • Simply awesome. Great work from the debveloper here. Other tools like Liner demand 5$/Month for way less functionality. I would be happy to send some money and support the developement. Is there a Paypal Link somwhere?
    Thank's a lot:)
    @donations: That is really kind of you! There is no linked donation button yet, but you can use this address for paypal: undflybir@gmx.de
  • Outstanding tool! Can't save to local file but useful for marking up page for screenshot. I am going to be using this tool very frequently.
    thank you - on the history page you can save the highlights to a local text file;)
  • Great AddOn! I really loved it! Great support, very good communication with the developer.
    This is the best Text Marker AddOn under the new Firefox platform! It's simple but also powerful, very flexible.
    The developer is ready to implement new features upon the user requests.
    Please support this AddOn!
    Nice that you like this addon:)
    @Folders: In principle, I do not consider any feature requests from reviews, which decrease the addon's overall rating
  • Good addon. Useful, simple.
  • very useful!
  • Easy to use and customise. Very useful. Good interface. It works. If possible, it would be useful to have an "append to text file" export option to use same file rather than create new file for each export. Great work! Thanks!
    Thank you
    @Export: For security reasons the WebExtensions API doesn't permit writing to local files. Triggering the "Save as"-dialog is all I can do, so I'm afraid there is no way to avoid creating a new file for each additional export.
  • LOVE THIS !!!

    Take some extra time to customize it and ie after i highlight text i click on the Y keyboard shortcut i made and it highlights the text forever. close page > reopen page and text is still highlighted. turn off some notifications as they can be annoying.
  • very usefull addon for me, thx!
  • thank you so much....
    i am waiting long time for this update....
  • took a little getting used to but it does what I want
  • Great for every day use!
  • Went through so many highlighting add-ons, this is the absolute best. Thank you so much for taking the time to create this, best wishes to you.
  • Last version add personal ShortCuts + Colors it's so great...
    [Edit, BUT because I use a LOT OF marks] it'is just crashing ff (message saying script is busy and, finaly I need to stop it). So you need to be carfull (And use, for exemple, addon "UnMHT" for static saving page, should be a great export feature in the futur in mht or pdf...).
  • Thank you very much for a new version - was looking forward to.
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