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  • Thanks to make Textarea Cache for WE, but still not good enough.

    It cannot save the inputted text in "groups.google.com", whereas Form History Control and the original Textarea Cache (not sure) can save it.

    I know the text area of google groups is actually an iframe, not textarea tag, so if it's intentional, forget what I say.

    However, I expected before that I can only use Textarea Cache Lite and remove the Form History Control, which I only use its "Editor History" feature, now I have to return to Form History Control until Textarea Cache Lite is solid enough.
    Hi 河马,

    感謝你的評論,鑑於你留言的版號是在 2.3.0,而那是個很久以前的版本,最新版的 Textarea Cache 應該是可以在 google group 儲存資料了,能否麻煩你協助我確認一下呢?

    順帶一提,之前沒辦法那麼頻繁地更新是因為我前段時間無法接觸網路,而且現在我回來了,所以這個套件會加速更新,以便盡速回到 solid enough 的程度。

    感謝 :)
  • Your page here, https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/textarea-cache/, links to your TAIWAN CHINESE PAGE for the lite version,
    https://addons.mozilla.org/zh-TW/firefox/addon/textarea-cache-lite/ .
    CHANGE THAT LINK to go to the English-language page, https://addons.mozilla.org/en/firefox/addon/textarea-cache-lite/
    (I'm giving an average review, 3 stars, because I haven't tried the app, but this seemed the fastest and most helpful way to submit this page correction.)
    Thank you very much!!
    It was my mistake. Really thanks for your report!
  • After missing Lazarus, this is a good replacement but please add some more features to search, order in reverse date, etc.
  • Works for me as expected on 64bit FF54 @ 64bit Win10. Replaced unfunctional Lazarus with it.

    I'm missing feature of automatic cache clearing, configurable if possible, about 24 hours if just on/off.
    After some time, that cache gets really long.

    Future developement beyond that? Inspire with Lazarus and choose what to port :)
  • Not working for me on Win 7 x64 SP1 with Firefox v54. I did have Text Area Cache installed but disabled but have removed that which has changed nothing. The toolbar button shows "There is no cache here!" when it is clicked. That is the same with this Mozilla extension edit box.
    The reason why it kept telling you 'there is no cache' even if you give some text to textarea is because addons.mozilla.org do not allow any add-on work in this page. You could try type something in textarea in other sites, if it keep telling you there's nothing, please give me the url, I will test it, and fix bugs for you (if there is any)!
  • I appreciate Wildsky trying to help, but this just does not work as a replacement for Lazarus, which captured everything I typed into any type of textbox, These are mostly site comment sections, which Lazarus always caught, and this does not. I still have it installed as it did catch text on a page I needed to reload, so I am hoping Wildsky can get it working for all sites.
  • I downloaded this when Lazarus stopped being supported (May 2017), and so far it's been saving everything I type I would want it to, and lacks some of the blind spots and glitches in what it catches Lazarus had developed. It somehow recovered the block of text I lost to the void *before* I downloaded it that galvanized me to notice my old form saver wasn't working anymore and replace it. I...still have no idea how that was possible.

    The interface seems pretty user-friendly so far. The date of forms saved is off by a month and I'm not sure how to fix that, but who cares? Lazarus didn't even conveniently show dates.
  • Not bad so far.
  • it is work not have no options like textareacache hope the developer will do it
    Yeah, I will do that. please wait for me. :)
  • 你好,我是 Textarea Cache 的原作者。感謝你開發此 Lite 版。我現在工作很忙,沒有心思改寫為 WebExtension,有你的 Lite 版真是太好了。

    我有一個小小的建議:按鍵做成 browserAction 應該會比 pageAction 好,使用者可以隨時叫出暫存區,看到完整的儲存內容,而不是只能讀取同網域或同網頁下儲存的內容。

    很榮幸能替你實作 textarea cache 的 WebExtension 版本。也謝謝你的建議,或許可以麻煩你移駕到 GitHub 上,這樣我們比較能有更近一步的討論,下面提供連結: