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  • I've been looking for something like that for a long time, that's gonna save my butt sooo many times, thanks a lot!!
  • Can you add features like in Lazarus Form Recovery?
    Thank you for the work
  • Worry-saving add-on, so easy to use - thank you so much! :-))
  • When I click on the Textarea Cache addon icon, addon should immediately save the text area (if any) of the active tab. Why? Because the exact timing of saves has been unpredictable, and I have experienced that the TaC is not up to date when I needed it to be. That is, I lost some typed text by some misfortune. Otherwise a great addon.
  • 很實用的一套件! 可惜快速鍵的下拉選單是顯示網址,改成顯示內容會比較直覺,有些區域的欄位也不會備份到
  • It only works on some pages, doesn't work on websites I use the most, so it's pretty useless for me.
    If this get fixed I'll give it more stars, the idea is good, functionality bad.
  • Please fix disqus comments! They are not saved :(((

    Steps to reproduce: find any website with Disqus comments. Leave a comment. Nothing is saved.
  • I've been using it for a couple of years. Recently updated from ESR 52 to 68 and was surprised that Addon is alive. But some features on ESR 68 don't work, for example, there's no icon in the navbar. Please correct.
  • I am very surprised that this add-on has so few users. It has a very simple interface and some basic configuration controls. However, it is an absolute life saver when something you are writing within the browser (email, forum post etc) gets dumped by a page time-out, browser crash or similar. Textarea Cache saves everything you were writing, including italicised text where it has been entered, thereby saving you from fuming in anger and having to write it all out again! Just select the saved file, copy and paste the applicable text, and reinsert it back where you were writing it before everything went wrong. Damn useful!
  • 좋아요
  • This addon seriously slowed my Firefox (I'm still using 52.9), so I removed it.
  • 特意注册来点赞!浏览器端全局性的文本编辑自动保存,简直应该成为浏览器内置功能。就是感觉名字过于技术化。我是因为想到应该有这种插件,才去搜textarea的。。
  • Buenísimo atrapa todo lo que escribes *****
  • Works but as all as the add ons by Wildsky, they lack the bells and whistles.
  • The closest thing to Lazarus since that died permanently. It's a little less convenient as far as interface, but it does the job right, allowing me to reclaim a lot of work that got put into a disappearing text field that was part of a drop down menu thing once focus left the area. how this is not a default browser function, i will never know, but until it is, this add-on is a necessity. Thank you.