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  • 希望可以增加一个选项,把最新保存的文本放在列表的最上方(使用地址栏图标简洁版清单的时候,默认弹出最新保存的文本)

  • Благодарю! (((Очень выручает данное дополнение при случайном закрытии страницы браузера, или при отключении электроэнергии (иногда случаются)...
    Пользуюсь да сих пор "FF 56.0.2".

  • FIRST real solution to the LAZARUS plug in incompatibility with NEW Version 59 Firefox (64bit) .

    THE ONLY extension I am aware to recapture text that you have typed and LOST to some &^%*! web form!


    Developer response

    Thanks for your stars!!!
    I will make it more stable to use. :)

  • 1. I want to have sent version of forms separate from draft texts
    2. Please add sync: https://discourse.mozilla.org/t/how-to-sync-add-on-data-between-desktop-and-android/2638/3

  • It doesn't save everything, even nonprotected fields . Also, it's hard to find the item in the list because they are often out of order. Third and maybe the most easy and quick fast improvement, the list is ordered backwards latest should be on top . Otherwise – I really appreciate your doing this for WE.

  • 方便的套件,謝謝支援與維護,
    我是FF 56.0.2 64位元在Win10 64位元

    Developer response

    之前有實做這個功能,但似乎 buggy buggy 的,

  • Very important addon, a must to have. Downside is for me that most recent saved texts seems not to be placed on the top of the list, but i somehow have to always try to search in order to find it.

  • 这个扩展无数次拯救了我的绳命,五星好评

  • Like many others, I found this by searching for a replacement for Lazarus (RIP). While it doesn't yet measure up to Lazarus, from what I can tell it's one of the only alternatives available. I can't for the life of me understand why there aren't more options for form saving since every single one of us has wished for it at one time or another.

    I don't yet know whether Textarea Cache will save me when I need saving. I won't know that until I've accidentally closed the browser or lost a form, and need to recover my text. But it seems like a good start, and I'm happy there is at least one dev working on this.

    Wildsky: you seem to be updating this often, and responding to comments/reviews as well, so I can only hope that you stick with this project and that it continues to improve. Cheers!

  • It used to work very well and often proved hugely useful. However, it now saves text erratically which makes this formerly great add-on unreliable. The 'options' seem to have disappeared, so I can only specify exceptions but not e.g. how long the cached text should be preserved. Although I haven't found a comparable alternative, I'll have to uninstall it, if it doesn't get fixed. Shame.

    Developer response

    Hi Art,

    The feature you describe will be implement in the near future. Please be patient. :)

  • 能不能让设置用中文来展示?

    Developer response


  • Hat mir schon öfter geholfen, eingegebene Texte bei Browser-Absturz (z.B. durch unerwünschtes erzwungenes automatisches Windows-Update) zu retten. Funktioniert toll!

    Developer response

    Danke!! :)

  • (EDITED)

    Maybe I was a little fast in that first review. The plug in didn't seem to work at that time, but today things look different. Maybe it wanted a restart of the browser? Maybe it needed me to start the 64bit version instead of the older(56) 32bit to work? Have no idea. But it works.


    Developer response

    This add-on should not require any browser restarting. But sometimes add-on installation is quite weird causing some strange problems, maybe it is a bug of Firefox I guess...

    Anyway, you have it now. Just enjoy it! And feel free to report bugs or new feature to me!

  • Firefox57以前我最喜欢的扩展之一 那个好像没有更新了 谢谢提供优秀的扩展

    Developer response

    謝謝你的欣賞!!我會繼續努力地開發這個 add-on,歡迎到 github.com 給我其他意見!

  • It slows down loading websides by 1 Second

    Developer response

    Yeah... the performance is still a main problem...
    I am trying to design a algorithm to save your text effectively.

  • Unfortunately it doesnt work on Youtube comments

    Developer response

    Ok, I will check it later. Thank you for your report, it does make this add-on better!

  • Thank You for badly needed continuation of previous XUL based extension. Are there plans to develop it a bit more? More configuration like how long to store and such will be greatly appreciated!

    Developer response

    Of course, I will add some configurations feel free to suggest. :)

  • This add-on has saved my a$$ so many times due to web form processing errors and the like. I am so glad it has been ported to WebExtensions!

    I had a few issues with some of the early versions, but the developer was very quick to address them and now it works great.

    Developer response

    Thank you for your patience. ;)
    Feel free to report any other issues to me!

  • I really miss Lazarus, but this is a nice alternative within the limitations of WebExtensions.

    Developer response

    I will keep making this add-on better :)

  • 非常的好用,而且比舊版還更方便

    Developer response


  • The developer responded to my past review and said he made some changes in the latest update which should fix the issues, however it still doesn't seem to be working. I reached out to the developer directly and we are trying to figure it out. I will come back to update my review with the outcome.

    Developer response

    Hi please give the link that not work so that I could debug for you

  • It's incredibly helpful!

    Developer response

    Thanks, I am glad you like this add-on. :)

  • Textarea Cache 實質的幫助我於網頁瀏覽時的整體經驗 <3

    Developer response


  • The extension works generally fine. But it causes huge slowdown when you type your text into input fields (text areas). For this reason, it's almost unusable. See https://github.com/ettoolong/TextareaCache/issues/36 .

    Developer response

    Yes, you are right.

    I will try to make it faster, wait for me!

  • 自用Firefox开始就一直用这个扩展,终于有新版的使用了,感谢!
    不过好像没有原来 的好用,很多位置不能保存,还请作者继续改进。

    Developer response

    不好意思,因為 Firefox 基於安全性考量有許多地方以前能拿資料的現在都拿不到,所以需要花一點時間調整(或找方法、或等 API 釋出),我會繼續讓這個套件更好用,謝謝你的支持!

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