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  • Buenísimo atrapa todo lo que escribes *****
  • Works but as all as the add ons by Wildsky, they lack the bells and whistles.
  • The closest thing to Lazarus since that died permanently. It's a little less convenient as far as interface, but it does the job right, allowing me to reclaim a lot of work that got put into a disappearing text field that was part of a drop down menu thing once focus left the area. how this is not a default browser function, i will never know, but until it is, this add-on is a necessity. Thank you.
  • Супер дополнение! Очень спасает в ситуациях, когда страницы приходится перезагружать из-за сбоев, при этом теряется куча введённого текста.
  • The new update is fabulous, thank you!

    One last request: could you please show the list of websites (with their favicons) in the Textarea Cache List and once the user selects a website, only this website entries will be shown. This could be done by using a tree or by diving into the website - I believe you can find the best solution.

    With this mode you could easily wipe the cache of a particular website without filtering.

    Also, it might be better to change the default update interval to 10 seconds.
  • Indispensable addon! Please add an option for automatic erasure of cache few minutes after Firefox starts up.
  • For me, Textarea Cache works perfectly. I am using it with Waterfox (even though my browser is identified as Firefox...). It is a perfect replacement for Lazarus that stoppped working.
  • 希望能增加正序倒序排列和保存时间等功能,特别是正倒序。已经有很长时间没更了……
    謝謝你的評論,不好意思因為最近在更新 Personal Blocklist,那邊告個段落就會來繼續更新這個套件!
  • 希望可以增加一个选项,把最新保存的文本放在列表的最上方(使用地址栏图标简洁版清单的时候,默认弹出最新保存的文本)
  • Благодарю! (((Очень выручает данное дополнение при случайном закрытии страницы браузера, или при отключении электроэнергии (иногда случаются)...
    Пользуюсь да сих пор "FF 56.0.2".
  • FIRST real solution to the LAZARUS plug in incompatibility with NEW Version 59 Firefox (64bit) .

    THE ONLY extension I am aware to recapture text that you have typed and LOST to some &^%*! web form!

    Thanks for your stars!!!
    I will make it more stable to use. :)
  • 1. I want to have sent version of forms separate from draft texts
    2. Please add sync: https://discourse.mozilla.org/t/how-to-sync-add-on-data-between-desktop-and-android/2638/3
  • It doesn't save everything, even nonprotected fields . Also, it's hard to find the item in the list because they are often out of order. Third and maybe the most easy and quick fast improvement, the list is ordered backwards latest should be on top . Otherwise – I really appreciate your doing this for WE.
  • 方便的套件,謝謝支援與維護,
    我是FF 56.0.2 64位元在Win10 64位元
    之前有實做這個功能,但似乎 buggy buggy 的,
  • Very important addon, a must to have. Downside is for me that most recent saved texts seems not to be placed on the top of the list, but i somehow have to always try to search in order to find it.