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  • 좋아요
  • This addon seriously slowed my Firefox (I'm still using 52.9), so I removed it.
  • 特意注册来点赞!浏览器端全局性的文本编辑自动保存,简直应该成为浏览器内置功能。就是感觉名字过于技术化。我是因为想到应该有这种插件,才去搜textarea的。。
  • Buenísimo atrapa todo lo que escribes *****
  • Works but as all as the add ons by Wildsky, they lack the bells and whistles.
  • The closest thing to Lazarus since that died permanently. It's a little less convenient as far as interface, but it does the job right, allowing me to reclaim a lot of work that got put into a disappearing text field that was part of a drop down menu thing once focus left the area. how this is not a default browser function, i will never know, but until it is, this add-on is a necessity. Thank you.
  • Супер дополнение! Очень спасает в ситуациях, когда страницы приходится перезагружать из-за сбоев, при этом теряется куча введённого текста.
  • The new update is fabulous, thank you!

    One last request: could you please show the list of websites (with their favicons) in the Textarea Cache List and once the user selects a website, only this website entries will be shown. This could be done by using a tree or by diving into the website - I believe you can find the best solution.

    With this mode you could easily wipe the cache of a particular website without filtering.

    Also, it might be better to change the default update interval to 10 seconds.
  • Indispensable addon! Please add an option for automatic erasure of cache few minutes after Firefox starts up.
  • For me, Textarea Cache works perfectly. I am using it with Waterfox (even though my browser is identified as Firefox...). It is a perfect replacement for Lazarus that stoppped working.
  • 希望能增加正序倒序排列和保存时间等功能,特别是正倒序。已经有很长时间没更了……
    謝謝你的評論,不好意思因為最近在更新 Personal Blocklist,那邊告個段落就會來繼續更新這個套件!
  • 希望可以增加一个选项,把最新保存的文本放在列表的最上方(使用地址栏图标简洁版清单的时候,默认弹出最新保存的文本)
  • Благодарю! (((Очень выручает данное дополнение при случайном закрытии страницы браузера, или при отключении электроэнергии (иногда случаются)...
    Пользуюсь да сих пор "FF 56.0.2".