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  • still works.
  • Блокирует многопоточность в браузере
  • First link I tried this addon with didn't work, it abbreviated the link at random and failed to open the page. Sorry but 1/5.
  • I enjoy using this simple but great add-on. Makes going to a website w/o doing all this copy/paste stuff lol.
    Please make the time to update to TB 9.0.1
    Thank you
  • Excellent add-on. Please update for TB5.
  • Seems to work for a html mail where it converts the text to a link. But it would be better to highlight the link in some way.But it doesn''t work for text mails with mail addresses in the signature text. In this case it simply converts the mail address to a link but includes also the text before into the link. So great parts of the mail are now a link. I can't see the pattern how this is achieved and it doesn't seem to be configurable.
  • Hi,
    I have same issue what KJH23SJH99
  • Good addon, used by a long time. But with Fx4 it needs work yet. It ignores completely the fact that Fx has a (more limited) support for this same feature: Selecting exactly a url not marked as html link give you duplicated entries in the context menu (Fx's and the extension's)

    On the other hand, cheers for the support webpage: it explains you exactly the scope and possibilities of the addon, including a detailed tutorial about how it was written. Fantastic.
  • Perfect! Thanks!
  • Essential add-on for daily use. Could use some more options but already great!
  • Thanks for making this add on. I especially like that it can also open a text link in a new tab!
  • menu item "Copy Link Text" is not needed anymore. because firefox has the feature to copy the text of the link and the link itself both.
  • For when compatibility with Thunderbird 3.0 ?
  • Thanks
  • this is the best add-on i couldn't live wihout.
    i remember i don't want to update my ff 3.5 to 3.6 until this add-on compatible to the latest ff
    thanks a lot man!

  • Not compatible with Firefox 3.6 in spite of what Mozilla says.
    Hi David,

    Text2Link is compatible with Firefox 3.6.2. If you are having any problems, please email them to feedback@text2link.net.
  • Excellent! Been looking for this for ages! I had it for some time in the past, but I forgot the name and couldn't find it. Been using other, let us say, "weak" solutions ever since. I'll immediately uninstall them! Thank you! You're the man!
  • I find it the best of all this kind of add-ons. Works great and has options to open highlighted link however you want. Thank you Jeffrey Morgan, great job.
  • Works exactly as advertised and is very convenient - I like having the options to open in the current tab, a new tab (with or without that being a background tab) or a new window.
  • I feel that having to select the entire URL is too troublesome. Why reinvent the wheel when there is the much more powerful TextLink which works pretty much the same? (TextLink needs some improvements as well though.)
  • Sure hope this gets up to speed on TB3 soon! : )
  • would be better if you could simply double-click the link text
  • Not compatible with Seamonkey. Booo.
  • Something is wrong with polish translation in v.1.9.5

    Please email feedback@text2link.net with the Polish translation problem and your correction.
  • just love it. simple, very useful, a must-have add-on. thanks!
    this should be a FF feature by default.
    but please update! not compatible with FF 3.6
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