30 reviews
  • Amazing extension, recommended.
  • A very helpful exchange with the author concerning suggestions and a problem have caused me to re-think my rating of this add-on.
    There is no limit on the size. If you notice one, please post the details to the support topic so that I can investigate.
    - Custom keyboard shortcuts are already done for the next release
    - Date & Time are already done for the next release
    - I can increase the URL wrapper limit. No-one had asked for it before.

    Update: There was a limit imposed by Firefox (not the addon). A bypass was added to the next version.
  • wow! it's useful!

  • Works perfectly right outta the box. Thxs
    However, tried it on this website and got a message 'FireFox restricts some functions on some URLs.' Wouldn't let me copy any text from this Addon web page.
    Firefox blocks some operations on some sites like AMO. That is hard-coded into Firefox at the moment and no way around it for a WebExtension type addon.
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