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  • Go to a page like this

    click "show comments"

    Trying to copy entire page fails - comments are not selected.

    Trying to copy just a comments section: not all text is copied.
    Comments are inside an iframe which makes them a different page than the page you are viewing. Firefox 'Select All' only selects parent page or iframe. Extension can only copy what is selected so the limitation is not from the extension.
    Please post any issues to the support section.
  • Amazing extension, recommended.
  • A very helpful exchange with the author concerning suggestions and a problem have caused me to re-think my rating of this add-on.
    There is no limit on the size. If you notice one, please post the details to the support topic so that I can investigate.
    - Custom keyboard shortcuts are already done for the next release
    - Date & Time are already done for the next release
    - I can increase the URL wrapper limit. No-one had asked for it before.

    Update: There was a limit imposed by Firefox (not the addon). A bypass was added to the next version.
  • wow! it's useful!

  • Some Web Extention addons don't deliver. This one does with flying colors! So very useful and works flawlessly. Is it possible to add a Page Title option along with the url to the menu? The option would give Page Title, then copied text, then the url. That would make it perfect for me.
    Adding title is possible .... I will see for the next update. :)
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