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  • Doesn't work.
  • A great and powerful addon, a good replacement of the legacy "Easy Copy" addon. Some features from that addon are still missing, for example copy text in custom format, clean tab title automatically.
  • Powerful for copying multiple hyperlinks in their titles or their http links as multiple formats


    Edit 6/26/2019: Sadly it doesn't seem to be working now..
  • とても大好きなアドオンです。いつもお世話になっております。

    Toolbar button
    keyboard shortcut : F8

    "Copy Selected URLs" , "Copy Selected Image URLs" 上記2項目で動作しませんでした。
  • It's awesome. If can please add an option to copy only the site name. I mean the domain name only leaving the path/query section. Eg: From URL - 'https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flower' only to copy 'en.wikipedia.org'
  • the best add-on to manipulate links on Firefox.
  • 很方便。。。
  • Amazing .Thank you!
  • Loving the add-on. Just what I need
  • Must-have extension!
  • "Must Have" add-on for me.
  • とても便利です。
  • 使用上感覺很方便 省去很多步驟
  • Good+1
  • 還不錯用,省了我一些麻煩
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