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Great addon, but:

If I will make the next version of Text Formatting Toolbar, I will incorporate the following features:

1. Toolbar will auto-show when the focus is in a multi-line Text Box.

2. The BBcode/HTML/Wiki selector will be smarter.

When I'm in a Wiki site, it automatically be in Wiki Mode.

When I'm in forums, BBCode Mode is set.

Otherwise, it's HTML Mode.

3. I can let the users configure for more templates:

"New Button" dialog consists of the following fields:

a. Button Name
b. Icon Image path
c. What mode this applies to
d. Template:

%T represents the currently-selected text.

So users can create their custom templates like:

Wiki Header 1 Template:

== %T ==

4. Text Size should allow Font Size in Points. In forums like http://sc2armory.com font sizes must be specified in points instead of Levels 1-7

5. FIX the Empty Color Palette Bug in Firefox 3.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (