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  • Brilliant use of containers, if only it wouldn't be so absolutely confusing. The settings here are overwhelming and I'm not sure what they do.
  • Amazing extension! Please keep it alive!
  • I love this addon! There are so many options, and it's such a huge win for web privacy! I hope many of these ideas can be integrated into Firefox itself. Brilliant work!
  • Edit3. I removed my previous text and changed rating from four to five stars, i found add-on that caused this annoying (duplicate tab) issue.
  • An incredible improvement over the default Private Window and an excellent complement to the official Multi-Account Containers add-on.

    Steep learning curve but once you get your head around the container concept, it is remarkably powerful.
  • thanks!!!
  • Options were a little confusing to setup, but overall this is a fantastic extension and it's a shame that this functionality wasn't in the official multi-container extension to begin with.
  • Freaking amazing [idea, implementation, and] use of Firefox's containers. Thank you!
  • Ever since Privacy Badger version 9.20.2018 , when i click the Settings Gear/Cog icon in the Pop-Up Panel of Privacy Badger the Settings Page opens in a Blank Temporary Container Tab, this never happened before that version.

    A work around is going to about:addons and finding Privacy Badger and clocking Options as it will not open in a Temporary Container.

    i figure this has to be up to EFF to fix that in a future version of Privacy Badger, but i figured i will post this here in case this is something the developer of this extension needs to know about and if somebody else is having the same issue they now know the work around.

    My only other complaint of this extension is after i create a Permanent Container in Multi-Account Containers i have to disable this extension to complete that process. There has been other people complaining of the same issue in the reviews. There has to be a solution to this, giving us the option to disable it in the Toolbar somehow could be a solution.

    And one more thing, a few months ago when i launched Firefox some of my containers were gone, idon't know if it was Temporary Container fault or Multi-Account Containers, but ever since Temporary Containers thinks that i have way more Temporary Containers is use then i do. i can delete all the Temporary Containers and even wait awhile and when i create a new Temporary Container it starts of at 30 Something as i have Temporary Container set to re-use container numbers. i don't know if resetting the Statistics will fix this or not.

    i hope stoically can respond to any of these issues and i really hope he continues to develop Temporary Containers or at least maintain it. Thank You for you work stoically.