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  • The Best!!
    Wish I had found this tool bar for TED 5000 three years ago.Works fine in Fire Fox 17.9.1 and Win 8.Hope you will add more functions.

  • Great job on this !! Thanks

  • On the TED5000 with the most recent updates the API URL seems to have changed to: http://TED5000/api/LiveData.xml from the default.

  • I really like TED the Toolbar add-on for TED5000. The only suggestion I have is (if possible) allow users to reorder the toolbar data display, for example, I would like to be able to have the voltage display next to the KW, and move the date over to the right of these.
    Great job, Jay!

  • This is a great! A nice small footprint status bar to show your power usage. Love it! Many Thanks!

  • Very nice add-on! This keeps me constantly aware of my power usage. I especially like the All Data screen and "Now" update.

  • TED the Toolbar is great. Much more useful on a regular basis than the bloated Footprints software. Installed on all the computers in my house, no issues with it whatsoever. I only wish it could be made smaller, display only the current usage, not the date and projections, to free up screen real estate. Thanks for making this Jay!

  • Love this add-on. Now I am not trying to see footprints over remote desktop. Thanks!

  • Very nice job. Thank you very much for making TED even more useful!

  • Very, very cool. And easy to use. Thank you for doing this.

  • I love the simple and effective way you have displayed my Energy usage. Please make one for IE7.

  • A really neat toolbar for anyone with TED and TED Footprints program. I subscribe to ComEd Residential Real Time Pricing and use that toolbar also. With these two toolbars, together, I can see the energy I'm consuming and what it is costing. Thanks much.

  • Thanks so much for this. I was searching for an alternative to the crappy TED footprints software and this is it. Like the other reviewer recommended, more graphing options would be nice.

  • Real time plot of power very useful as it is not available in Footprints. It would be nice to be able to change the time scale.