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  • It works well and it is so easy to use.
    One click to allow / disallow cookies on the current page's domain.
    And a useful menu to display website permissions.

  • Well I gave this a try and sadly it seems to break. If you click the button on the toolbar and make it change from green to red, there's no way to click the button again to toggle it back to green.

    I clicked it about a dozen plus times and it never toggles back.

    What saddens me about this is your addon is the only one I have ever found that includes a quick way to access the Cookies Exceptions window, I really love that feature.

    Is there a way to remove the two websites that I clicked the button on? Because after I clicked the button from green to red, and now it's forever stuck on red, those two websites never stayed logged in after restarting firefox - I always have to log back in again on those two websites.

    Basically what I am saying is if you will not or cannot fix the button, I would at least like to keep it for the one button access to the Exceptions window but it's inconvenient that those two websites are messed up for me.


  • Wow this add-on is great! And the screenshots here have a huge bonus value!