HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Rated 4 out of 5 stars

This functionality has been missing from Thunderbird for a long time, and I am glad that someone finally wrote an extension for it! Now you can right-click on any link in an email, news message or RSS message in Thunderbird and get its Properties. Information shown in the window will vary, depending on the type of link you right-click on. Link Properties for Thunderbird (LPT) works on text links, email links, html links, and image links.

At the present time, LPT only works on messages viewed in the Preview Pane. The Properties option is missing from the context menu when you actually open a message and right-click on a link. Perhaps this can be fixed in a later version.

AMI is definitely pleased to mirror this extension. The author already gave you the link, but I will list it again here for reference. You can see additional screenshots here.


The Extended Link Properties extension still does not work in Thunderbird even when Link Properties for Thunderbird adds the required Properties item to its context menu. You can find that extension here.


That is because these two extensions overlay to different things and would actually conflict with each other. Maybe one or both extensions can be enhanced at some later time. You can read more information about that here.


Link Properties for Thunderbird (LPT) rebuilds the Properties entry and the whole properties system. It overlays to a different thing than Extended Link Properties (ELP). ELP overlays to the "browser properties.xul", which doesn't exist in Thunderbird. LPT overlays and connects to the "properties dialog". However, the Thunderbird backend code may not support the functionality needed for the Properties window, so future development may be limited.

Regardless of these limitations, this is still one great extension and is highly recommended for all Thunderbird users. I anxiously look forward to its next release!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.2).