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  • Best task manager and personal knowledge, and kanban organizator and mindmapping app and custom new tab ever!
  • I've been really enjoying this extension. What's more, it works great on my phone as well! I like the customization and the ease of use. I've been very happy overall.
  • Taskade is sofa king slow it’s comical. lagging my whole system like never before. i will be promptly uninstalling until your team addresses optimization! this extension has a very nice aesthetic but the performance hit is buns.
    also i highly suspect that many of the reviews below are fraudulent because the usernames are spam garbage.
  • taskade extension is a very perfect for morzila firefox .and taskade extension very powerfull but iam use by this extension so nice
  • Best extension for arranging checklists, todo lists and notes. It helps me a lot!
  • It is the best extension to organise notes and My to do lists ,the extension works really well and the interface is just beautiful .I would recommend everyone to use this extension
  • i love this extention too much he help me to remembered me with my todo list and write any note i would like to wrote to remember it all the day and it has an option called checklist to know which mission you finsihed and which is till you have to do i really recommend this extension to everyone one
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  • Taskade is amazing and it is just what I needed exactly! I love how this extension enables me to keep my notes and tasks in checked. I feel much more organized now, thanks to Taskade <3
  • Amazing app it's a good way to organise my day , and to maintain my tode lists.
  • This extension provide the easy way to create a todo list .
    This is the beautiful extension.
    I am using this extension.
  • Great add-ons. Easy to create todo list, create notes, remind tasks ...
  • Great extension for organizing checklists, todo lists, and notes. This helps me a lot!
  • good app. it really help my daily task and schedule my task. thank you
  • this is a nice extentsion to organize your notes qnd your todo lists
  • Tasked is good way to organized notes and my todo lists,work very good and its beautiful .
  • it's really manage my todo lists cheacklists and notes great extension for mozilla
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