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  • I can now see which tabs/processes are using the most resources and close them down if necessary.
  • Empowers users to end tasks/kill processes of tabs or add-ons that aren't helpful in the moment. Killed tabs take so much less memory resources, and electricity! They can quickly and easily be reloaded when desired.
  • The addon displays a column entitled "Processes". In my case it shows "5312 (parent)". Makes it look like Firefox is running 5312 processes! This number is THE PROCESS ID. The column should have a better header.
  • I was waiting eagerly for like this addon.
    If be able to configure default interval time would be better.
  • A great complement to htop and the like.

    One wish: for the window to respond to Control-Minus (I'd like the content to be a little more condensed).
  • Finally a way to find and easily kill CPU hogging tabs. Thank you!
  • A very good start that I hope will include a lot of options to track down the resource hoggers!

    Some issues exist like you can't resize the window (together with the large font) and that makes it very hard to get an overview.

    What does "Impact" mean? I can't see the correlation with resources and how is that calculated?

    It is not that clear that addons are parent processes and there is no way to sort them.

    And of course, get rid of that "Legacy" warning! ;)

    I agree with hackel. Please consider releasing the code and make it a community project!
    That would benefit the development of extensions, tracking bugs and memory hoggers and ultimately a way to make the browser more lean.

    Keep going :)

    Tested on Stable v55.0.2 & Dev v56.0b4
  • This is nice, give it a try.
  • This is a very useful extension and I'm glad to see it. Unfortunately, with Firefox 56 on Linux, it is not showing any memory usage information at all. Hope to see this functionality restored. It would be great if you posted the extension up to Github or something for people to submit proper bug reports and contribute. Keep up the good work!
  • Dear Dev,
    Firstly, many congrats and thanks for ur hard work in putting this app.
    Is it possible to just "suspend" the slow tab rather than closing it down fully?

    google chrome OE taskbar supports this functionality! 5 stars man!!
  • Something like this should just be part of firefox by default..but mozilla are tards.. so... can you continue to improve it.. make it resizable, style it a bit better. etc

    very good for tracking down addons and tabs from certain sites that aren't playing nicely together, chewing up CPU or memory like nothing else ... allowing shit social media sites to go crazy with JS infested garbage, now you can find the bad culprits easier.
  • But we should be able to resize the windows.
  • my FF freezes for 2 seconds sometimes.
    Then Task Manager also stucks, so one can not switch to it to see the guilty tab oder addon.

    If i wait with Task Manager in front, i cant see the bad guy because TM also freezes AND the refresh is too long?
    This could mean the stucking thing comes too fast up and too fast down for Task Manager i think.

    How can i solve this problem?
    There is not much of a way around if firefox hangs altogether.
    The extension works with FF so if FF hangs the extension might hang too.

    You could try to add more processes to handle the tabs, as explained here


    and see if with more processes the culprit (if its a tab) only that one would hang up in theory.
  • Before I start: A GREAT addon.

    The launch icon doesn't show when in privacy mode.

    e10s issues:
    1. Tabs in privacy mode don't have names.
    2. Currently using Windows TaskManager together with this to find what tabs are causing me problems.

    non e10s browser:
    I can see the process ID, as all of them have the same PID, but the memory shows 0.
  • FF 54 Nightly:
    no icon, no context menu entry.
    Update: developer solved the problem in short time. Now addon is working!!
    FF54 had a change that broke the addon.
    Fixed it on 0.4.0, just wait a day for it to be approved and you can try it out.
  • I'm using FF v50.1.0 and Task Manager v0.2.0 and there is no icon on the address line like the image example shows. I checked in the customization mode but the icon is nowhere to be found. UPDATE. Developer fixed this issue within a day. VERY IMPRESSIVE.

    As for the Add-On itself it displays very useful information for optimizing resources and troubleshooting renegade add-ons.
    Please contact me at support@goverlay.com so we can see whats going on that it doesnt display the icon to you.
  • much more comprehensible than about:performance, but the UI is still very clunky, and there's no ability to resize columns or the whole list.
  • The icon is HUGE and takes up 1/3 of my laptop screen!
    How can I fix this?
    Well, you should first post a screen to see the issue you are having which is strange, and the information about what versions are you running, otherwise its very hard to try to fix something that i cant reproduce and no one else is reporting
  • Hi,
    I just downloaded the addon but it doesn't appear in customize screen nor in addons bar... how can I fix this?
    I tried also with a new fresh profile but the behavior is the same.
    Firefox 45.5.0 on Win 7
    I found the issue, the minimum version in the addon was wrong, i added the proper requirement, you need at least firefox 47, i recommend you to upgrade if its possible to you.
  • Hello,
    I installed Task Manager 0.2.0. However, the Task Manger icon isn’t appearing in my Firefox toolbar. I see on your web page that the icon is supposed to appear next to the blue download button. But I don't get the Task Manager icon.

    However, about:support says that Task Manager is indeed installed and enabled.

    I’ve looked in Firefox’s menu customization screen, but no Task Manager icon appears there either to manually drag into the toolbar.

    Is there a URL interface (similar to about:support ) that I can type in to get Task Manager to appear ?

    Thanks for your efforts and support,

    Thats odd, it should be in the customization screen, maybe you got an unhandled error somehow and the addon is not loading.
    What version of FF are you running and what specific version of OS?
  • similar to about:performance , you could add the impact on framerate value.
  • Nits:

    * does not honor control-w close window
    * clicking toolbar icon twice opens two task managers instead of raising the first one
    * lacks source code on GitHub or similar
  • Thanks, interesting extension.
  • thanks for this, is very usefull
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