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Good addon. Most pro users don't see the obvious when they think a combination must be better. This addon bundles up the privacy features you need the most into an easy to use single addon. Excellent both for everyday and professional users. The extra layer of protection doesn't come from ghostery or any such addon. To stop you from being easily tracked, you need to use a VPN or proxy to protect your IP and you got to think about cloaking your online presense. For instance by using different emails when registration on sites. Not just your facebook or gmail account.. which is as good of personal tracking and identification to who you are as your own ID card. And you need to disguise your search pattern by using better search engines which takes privacy serious, or at least use an addon like: "trackmenot" to drown what your searching for.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (4.44). 

100% correct

Dear Pete_222,
You're correct that user need to do a variety of things to truly protect their privacy. It's no longer enough just to "set opt out cookies" or "delete cookies". TACO is trying to: a) bring these things together and b) make them easier. We've got work to do but keep the suggestions coming!