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You have destroyed a perfectly good add-on!!!!! I thought i try again and install this add-on version 3.11, which you say is soooo wonderful now! When i installed it, from the very moment i restarted my Firefox it just froze!! And after several restarts i eventually got it running. It has exactly the same problem as before. Really slows down your browsing a lot and constantly freezes!!
Word of advice to ABINE, totally scrap what you are doing with this add-on, as it's just not working! Go back to what it used to be, as you are losing more and more users every day!
Some advice for Firefox users, avoid this add-on like the plague and use Beef Taco, which is an absolute dream to use...simply, easy to use and very effective. What Taco used to be but isn't anymore! Version 2.0 of Taco was great, this latest version 3.11 running back to just before version 2.0 are all absolute rubbish!
If i could given zero stars, i certainly would of done!!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.11).  This user has other reviews of this add-on.

Privacy, reviews, and what is very effective?

Dear Ginjok,
Thanks another review and giving TACO another try. We're sorry you had a poor experience - we feel there must be some issue with your setup because our users report TACO being faster and easier to use with more native XUL support. As far as other being very effective for protecting your privacy, TACO 3 is much more effective than other versions of TACO. If you care about privacy online which we're pretty sure you do, we'd appreciate the chance to help sort out your issues - just give us a chance. thanks!