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NOT AN UPGRADE but ADWARE. A different program altogether and more than 50 times larger! That's an increase of 5000%. I think Mozilla should remove this add-on as this is abuse. I fully agree with klearance who points out that: "Mozilla's add-on system is all about adding bits of functionality one by one, a cluster of 'suite' functionality is exactly what Mozilla's add-on functionality is NOT all about." Especially one that tries to compete with other add-ons which are tried and trusted by the community, with dysfunctional adware. This is some of the worst kind of online software company behaviour, I cannot imagine that this isn't in violation with the TOE that Mozilla has with add-on developers.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.01). 


Thanks Peter,
We're really really sorry the upgrade to the 'suite' was something you didn't want. I take responsibility. To address your points, one by one:
1. it is *definitely not* a different program. It clearly extends the privacy and cookie features and gives more privacy
2. It's way bigger (and it is TOO BIG). you are absolutely RIGHT. a) we needed to include all these other features because there was no way available to download them later. b) we need to reduce the size.
3. We're trying to build a sustainable company that does the right thing for users. For advanced users like you that prefer to assemble their own lean and mean group of add-ons to address privacy concerns, Abine's just not a good solution (at least not yet). For many others, it makes privacy easier to control.
Thanks for your review. We didn't like hearing what you had to say, but we are thankful that you took the time to say it to us,