I need exactly one thing for privacy software: TRUST. Rated 1 out of 5 stars

And TRUST is what do not have for those who forced a beta software through TACO's update channel onto my machine.

That's why I downgraded to Version 2 of TACO. I used the REAL TACO V2 from Mozilla's version history at addons.mozilla.org/en/firefox/addons/versions/11073.

To Abite employees: Please try to be mature and responsible, stop being adolescent by hiding your work behind the trusted TACO add-on, draw back your beta software from TACO's add-on-page and resubmit it your experimental software as new, experimental add-on with its own name. This is what you could have done, you even may earn your own merits that way. By the way: Mozilla's add-on system is all about adding bits of functionality one by one, a cluster of "suite" functionality is exactly what Mozilla's add-on functionality is NOT all about.

And if you add a suite, then it should be mature one. A natural way of beta testing your "privacy" software functionalities could e.g. be to spread your modules over different add-ons and give users the chance to try them individually - and after making each individual module you can put together your the trusted modules into one single supra add-on; with one great advantage over crash attempt we have to suffer from now: as users with trust in you they would have given you another chance ...

Users of TACO: You may stay happy with V2 of TACO from the above mentioned url (Mozilla version history of TACO), as I did. I downgrading to V2 of the untouched TACO version. If you e.g. MR TECH's Toolkit add-on installed, like me, you may opt to disable the update check for 'TACO' alone. This way the browser will simply not check for updates of that single add-on TACO anymore.

Perhaps this is not what those talkactive ('chat with us!...') "Abite" people want us to do, but none of us has spoiled the trust of those masses who possibly could have grown from happy users to a informed and listening set of customers.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.01). 

good points

Good points.

Sorry that we lost your trust by adding too many privacy features the new version of TACO.

For that, and for any bugs, I'd like to personally apologize.

Your view on how we should have launched this upgrade is fair, and I'd like to point out that all privacy features not related to cookies were DISABLED by default. It was our way of accomplishing the same goals you talk about. Maybe this wasn't the right way. We're trying to listen and learn.

At the highest level, both our actions and intent with respect to TACO are about taking it and making it even better (over time) the new version: (i) opts out of more networks (ii) deals with Flash cookies and web trackers (iii) has optional pop-up to tell you how the site is tracking you (iv) TACO has more full-time engineers working on it than it ever has.

Continued development of TACO will ensure it is not destroyed by new clever ad companies and by slowly falling out of date.

The other privacy features are there, yes, but they're disabled by default. We think they're worth considering for a comprehensive privacy solution, but there's no reason to enable them if you don't want them -- the upgrade you received was just that, a better version of TACO.

We certainly have no intention of being "sneaky", because we have no reason to be sneaky -- our upgrades & communication are somewhat LIMITED and WE MADE MISTAKES, but we're happy to answer any and all questions.

But I want to leave you with one thought -- today, Abine is the only startup trying to build a sustainable company based on protecting consumers' privacy. Not a hobby project that gets abandoned, not a research project, but something that endures and grows and accumulates the resources needed to keep up with all the guys on the *other* side.