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  • Tango! Aunque nadie quiere usar ese acuerdo :(
  • Current versions don't appear to properly support HiDPI toolbar icons (Toolbar@2x.png etc) and just use the stock icons. It would be great if you could support HiDPI icons too! (PS: thanks for the linkage!)
    Hi Lootyhoof,

    thank you for the review. Yes, I know... I was a bit lazy about this. If I find all icons in the proper size, I will support it. I hope I get it done in the next days before FF v49. Otherwise for v49. :-)
  • I just wish you could implement a dark version with an accompanying icon set. This complements beyond Australis perfectly
  • The theme in itself is just great if you like the Tango theme or if you just want a more "colourful" look to the new monochrome Firefox standard theme.

    However, every new Firefox release "breaks" it and it's back to the standard theme until it Tangofox gets fixed. :(

    Just got the update to FF 42 and once again, this is the only add-on to be broken by it.

    (Of course, this is caused by the non-semantic way in which FF has been pushing "major" updates on everyone regardless of actual changes ever since FF4.)

    Edit @Developer: Just to be sure, you have nothing to apologize for of course. I do realize the delays are caused by the frequent (and IMO mostly pointless) changes in FF. Thanks for at least trying to keep up with this madness. ;)
    First thank you very much for the review. :-)

    Yes, I know. I'm very sorry for the delay. Mostly I try to work with the last beta, because sometimes there are changes in the default theme, which I would like to integrate in my themes. But sadly I haven't the time or, honestly, I'm just a bit lazy/ tired. :-( I promise to improve. Sorry again for the inconvenience.
  • charming and Harmonious colors .... i like it ... it's Comfortable to the eye .
  • 更新:郑重道歉!误将另一主题的残留当作此主题的了,这个主题还是很好看的。English: Sorry !!! I've mistake frome another theme, who left two more addons remaining the scrollbar. My appologies !!!

    thank you for the review. Could you translate it in english? The online translators make no sense here. I don't understand what you meant. Thank you in advance.

    EDIT: Thank you for the english version. Which version of Tangofox do you've installed? I'm not sure what you mean with scroll bar. There shouldn't be remain anything after uninstalling. Could you write me over my support mail (haven667@gmx.de) with Tangofox & FF version info? A screenshot of your problem would be also good. Thank you in advance. :-)
  • BEAUTIFUL! much needed
  • Been using it for quite awhile and love it, but I wish there was a way to only install the main theme without PDF.js and about:home. I don't need them and have to uninstall them every time I update. A minor inconvenience but it gets old after awhile.
    Thank you for the review. Yes, I understand... can be annoying. I think, I will try to merge the functions of the extensions in the main theme. :-)
  • love it. THANK YOU!!!
  • My favorite theme!
    The history/bookmarks icons are not supported though (the ones that are used to display the side panel). Would you consider adding them in a future version?
  • Love this addon - please update to work with the latest FF version.
    The v33 compatible version was uploaded yesterday. It's waiting to be reviewed by an AMO editor. You can always look at the "version history" first and install it manually: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/tangofox/versions
  • I love it. After FF turned Australis on me I hated the look. I missed my old theme that I ad to force to work. You now fixed my problem & made it look beautiful and to top it off it works perfect with classic theme changer so I can still have my tabs on the bottom.
  • I love :)
  • By default it will not install on Firefox > 22, but you can modify in the install.rdf in the XPIs to make it compatible.4 stars for the missing compatibility; will increase it to 5 if the developer fixes this.
    EDIT: updated to 5 stars
    Hello,I'm sorry for the inconvenience. The compatible version for FF 23 is done since weeks, but i have massive problems to upload it here. There seems a bug with the validation software which I'll discuss with the AMO editors.In the meanwhile you can get the compatible version 3.2 over my deviantART account: http://haven667.deviantart.com/art/Tangofox-3-2-155439501.

    EDIT: Thank you very much for the update. :-)
  • nice job, keep updating
    Thank you. I'll try my best. :-)
  • Nice!!
  • Отличная тема! Гармонично допоняет тему для XP - System 5. Спасибо!
  • Excelente!

    Minimalismo total.
  • Изумительная тема, просто глаз не оторвать! При этом всё выглядит супергладко и чётко! Удобно очень!
  • Thx)
    this solved my tweak in debian6-kde install --I removed/replaced iceweasel-3.5 with firefox-4 (make a short-cut with "kdesu dolphin" and "sudo kate" and change/edit cautiously anything I want in linux the noobe way lololol)
    This theme fixed the few gtk left over unsolved by kde theme engine in firefox.
  • Beautiful theme! Some suggestions:
    1) Can you consider some icons (normal and private browsing) for the Firefox buttons, like Strata RELOADED?
    2) What about reintroducing a back/forward drop-marker (also like Strata RELOADED)?
    3) I don't know if possible, but it would be useful to recover the indicator of cripted or uncripted connection.
    4) It would be possible to restore the RSS feed in the address field?
    Best regards
  • Looks great as always. The only problem I've encountered is that the Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons don't display at all (they're just a black chunk in the corner) when you don't have the Menu Toolbar set to display.
    Other than that, perfect.
  • The best Tango theme for ff4
  • pls update for FF 4 beta 6 thx ! Love tango icons !
    Hello,it's almost finished and will come soon. :-)
  • Finally a nice theme for 3.6!
    Thank you. I'm glad you like it. :-)
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