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  • The description is "It's like the old Tamper Data extension, except it works on modern versions of Firefox." but it doesn't let you 'Tamper Data' like the old addon did. The developer has said on github it's not supposed to let you modify post data but is using the name tamper data even though it is missing one of the major use cases. It's misleading and bad form.
  • Не работает, тупо показывает запросы, но не редактирует. Пол вечера потратил
  • Does not "tamper" the data. just view the request and send it again..
  • Really good. But could the developer add a feature that allow the modification of the request method (from GET or POST to something else ?)
  • Can't edit the request parameters, and upon the second request some race condition crashed my system
  • Very like
    it very like you too.
  • what a useless extension. Doesn't allow to tamper request itself. Then, what's this extension for.. It's a SPAM
    it's for programmers who need to duplicate a request - it's not for people who don't even know what "a spam" is.
  • Thanks for the remake.
    At the moment you can't edit the post body because firefox does not allow it.
  • so we can't edit post value then?
  • all aabout
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