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  • I love it!

    The tag concept for managing bookmarks is most powerful!

    I cannot imagine, how I ever used bookmarks without it.

    Well, in fact I can, but it is a painful memory. :-)
    Bookmarks without tags are so lame!
  • Perfect extension. Unfortunately destroyed by mozilla by switching to WebExtensions before fixing important bugs. Vote for this bug: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1225916 and support Perry in his efforts to get it running: https://github.com/wagle/tagspace
  • till.riedel.

    It's alive!!! Believe me I support Perry and I will vote for the bug if I only know how to do it :-(

    I read all the thread for the bug and now I'm convinced that is not only me who believe that tags are the greatest Firefox's feature and the one that makes it different from other browsers.

    Like many people say, I'm firmly convinced that this add-on MUST to be a characteristic of the browser in itself. But the people that works in Firefox seem to think in other way :-(

    Fuerza Perry!!
  • Je l'utilise
    - sous Firefox avec la dernière version de l'add-on
    - sous Palemoon avec la version

    L'add-on est particulièrement efficace pour gérer une collection de marque-pages internet étiquettés.

    Thank you hark!
    Errr, any plan for when WebExtensions take over? :-}
  • Organizing bookmarks by tags means I no longer have to waste so much time categorizing bookmarks, and accumulating thousands of them stops creating messes that need regular upkeep.

    Thanks for making this. UPDATE: I'll figure out how to vote on the Mozilla bug for implementation of tags in FF 57+. I am not moving to 57 until this feature is available there in some way or another! Thank you for your time.
  • This is exactly what I have been looking for.
    Goodbye messy folders.
  • Doesn't seem to be working. It installed but I do not see anything at all different about my book marks!
  • Great news, TagSieve is back!! Thanks a lot
  • Definitely one of my favorite plugins of all time (folders suck), and I am so stoked it is now working fully again! I liked it so much, I kept using the partially working version for years because there wasn't really a substitute. Now I'm glad it's fully fixed again.
  • Thanks for this vital addon, when using tags!
  • Finally ! I missed this extension. Happy New Year
  • Thanks for update, works great
  • great!
  • This seems the only (and very good) tool available to search bookmarks by the tags the user assigns. Should be a must-to-have.
    Thank you Hark! in case you have time, it would be nice if you could apply the very small but essential fix found by dongadoy
    and it seems the right version is v.4.3.3!!
    Thanks you dongadoy! BTW one needs to replace only in the english temp\locale\en-US\commands.dtd, unless he uses German or Swedish
    Dongadoy writes:
    "The details of changing "lastvisit" to "mostrecentvisit" is found in http://dev.grue.in/issues/134"
    but this page is not needed in fact since dongadoy's instructions suffice and are right there!
  • After patching it as described below, I love this add-on and find it absolutely the best way to manage bookmarks. Does anyone know of a keyboard shortcut that will take you right to the tag search box (in the upper left if you have the sidebar on)? [Sorry for asking this in the review page but I don't think we have a discussion area.]
    Hi Rick. If you're still using the extension - Yes, but it's not configurable. Control+Shift+L
  • смотрел на WaterFox-е 34.0.1 , вообще Addon не работает
  • just used 7zip , open the xpi via 7zip , replace the text in all 3 files directly and it will ask to save the modified xpi , and than just drag it over firefox
  • THANK YOU dongadoy for sharing your fix with us! I don't normally post things in forums, but your efforts in fixing this add-on & taking the time to post your instructions motivated me to sign up & write this!

    Your fix worked for me & I'm now back to using one of the best add-ons ever made. I can't understand how Firefox hasn't paid the developer for his idea & integrated it into the app.
  • Dongadoy's solution workes like a charm (kudos!), great to have that add-on back ...

    This is one of the best add-ons for firefox imho - even if only since there are no others that make use of tags.

    If used well this powerful tool is a much better way to organize your bookmarks than a plain directory struture (and eaiser to maintain, too)

    If only the author could fix that really useful tool so that people don't have to fiddle with the internals...
  • Used to use this in its previous form. Sad to see the versions from the authors page (including the one labelled temporary fix) gives xml errors.

    Not going to mess around editing it. Consider it dead now.
  • I used TagSieve for several months last year and it was wonderful. I tagged all my bookmarks and started using tags to find bookmarks. Then it wasn't sorting tags and bookmarks. Then the XML error appeared. So I stopped using it. I finally got around to investigating the problems.

    I got TagSieve working again!

    Here are the two important points to getting it working:
    * Use the older version 4.3.3 of TagSieve. Newer version 4.3.4 does not sort the tags and bookmarks properly. Get TagSieve version 4.3.3 from
    * Change "lastvisit" to "mostrecentvisit". Mozilla had renamed the field, and caused the XML errors. The details of changing "lastvisit" to "mostrecentvisit" is found in

    Here are the steps:
    1. Download file http://dev.grue.in/attachments/download/38/tagsieve-4.3.3.xpi
    2. Rename file "tagsieve-4.3.3.xpi" to "tagsieve-4.3.3.xpi.zip".
    3. Create a temporary folder "temp".
    4. Unzip "tagsieve-4.3.3.xpi.zip" into folder "temp".
    5. Edit the following three files. Replace "lastvisit" with "mostrecentvisit". "lastvisit" is found once in each file.
    * temp\locale\de-DE\commands.dtd
    * temp\locale\en-US\commands.dtd
    * temp\locale\sv-SE\commands.dtd
    6. Zip the contents of folder "temp", overwrite "tagsieve-4.3.3.xpi.zip". Do not include parent folder "temp" in the zip.
    7. Delete temporary folder "temp".
    8. Rename file "tagsieve-4.3.3.xpi.zip" to "tagsieve-4.3.3.xpi".
    9. Drag and drop file "tagsieve-4.3.3.xpi" into the Firefox window. Click "Install Now".

    Save file "tagsieve-4.3.3.xpi" in case you ever have to reinstall Firefox.
  • Version 4.3.4-1 working fine so far. Thanks!
  • Was looking for something like this, shame it doesn;t work anymore, and yeah maybe a fix is out but looks kind of complicated. hope that one day this will be updated..

    3 stars just because is a great idea and very few addons uses firefox's tags.
  • When it was working, it was a great add-on. But, if it takes THAT much work to rehabilitate, shouldn't the author be the one to fix it. We're not all Mr. Fix-its.
  • 这是我最喜欢最不可缺的插件,向作者表示感谢.希望作者能完善稳定性与兼容性.