92 reviews for this add-on
  • Can't work with my firefox
  • Why is it that the best extensions are all failing to update to FF 57??? You are the only alternative to Momentum and I personally think your extension is far better. PLEASE update.
  • Please update for Firefox 57..!!! :(
  • Love it but should be compatible with version 57+
  • I love it but with Firefox Quantum 57 I lost it.
  • I don't wanna see Forbideen city.... It's too frequent
  • but too much Mao picture !
  • Awesome background pictures.
  • Cool pictures & design
  • Has served me well for months now. Please update to webextension!
  • Awesome add on
  • I was looking for a firefox version of momentum and came across this. It fits my needs as I don't need the extras like todo integration and it looks great.
  • I love it, does what it says.
    Keep up the good work!
  • beautiful pictures. it will be better if the quick dial is configrable.
  • Discrete, beautiful images, elegant...but not enough plaace and management for the thumbnails
  • Lovely add-on. A bit laggy, however. The pictures are beautiful, wish we could add our own.
  • Very nice, really like that I can use DuckDuckGo but I miss the quotes.
  • Very nice and well done!
  • Nice work
  • :)
  • it actually downloads the pictures. On Windows this creates an issue with the Quick Access files as the files in the list are mainly the downloaded pictures. This interfere with my work as I can't use the Quick Access anymore. Please add the possibility to just refer to the images online without downloading them all. (It could also represent an issue for some with few HD free space)
  • ААА
  • Great add-on, adds a nice touch to the new tab.
  • Not compatible with multiprocess