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  • I really appreciate the work that has gone into this extension. I've tried various alternatives and this is by far the most versatile and functional. Top marks to the developer.

    I do have one request/suggestion though if I may. The settings menu allows the user to set three different folders, with each folder having customizable days. I would love it if this could be expanded to 7 folders, so that the user may have the option of using a different folder for each day of the week.

  • I was unsatisfied with other randomizing add-ons, but this one allows me to both randomly open a bookmark and specify what sub-folder to pick them from (using RandomTabs). Thank you! Thank you!

  • I hope that you could make it not to open the homepage in case Firefox restarts because of installing or updating plugins. I think it does not count as a new session, but in my experience the plugin will also open the preset homepage in this circumstance. This is sometimes quite annoying to me.


  • This is almost exactly what I was looking for. A couple suggestions though for a future release:

    (a) Allow the user to choose individual bookmarks, not just bookmark folders in Perma-Tabs. I was forced to create a bookmark folder and put bookmarks into it. Not the end of the world but...

    (b) I like the ability you give to run at startup but only once per day. It would be great if, rather than a global option, this could be specified on a set-by-set basis in Perma-Tabs. I have some sites I always want opened when starting and others (like daily deals sites) that I only want to see the first time FF gets opened.

    (c) I have FF set to show a blank page upon startup and to always show the tab bar. So when FF starts up with your addon enabled, I always get a blank tab shown first followed by the Perma-Tabs. It would be great if, somehow, this blank tab were shown AFTER the Perma-Tabs.

    Thanks very much!

  • I felt fortunate to find TabsUp after an Add-On search as it provides a means for Firefox to automatically open a tab when the product starts up.

    Since I have a couple of pages which I always like to have available, this saves a lot of time.

    I couldn't find the developer's email address so here are two ideas for additional functionality:

    * Offer the option to open specified Web pages using the 'Pin As App' format.
    * Offer the option to open specified Web pages in tabs every time a new Firefox window is created (instead of only when Firefox starts up).

    Thanks for considering these! I'll be sending a contribution for your efforts.

  • THIS IS FANTASTIC, I found this last year, used it on my old pc, then I re-installed that pc, couldn't find it. I thought it was Tab Utilities.

    Now im using it on my new computer, YOU ARE AWESOME!

  • A really neat little addon. If you set your homepage to about:blank and in the beta version select the run even with system restore then it will load a random homepage from a folder.

  • I had to move my selected bookmarks to a new folder, off of the convenient toolbar, AND the random favorite only opens as a second tab. Messy. And it won't work with restored pages. Good idea.. but needs to work through Firefox Options control panel, not separately.

    Developer response

    Partly agree - when session is restored tabsup doesn't open it's own set - one can use buttons but this behavior can be regarded as a flaw. As to moving bookmarks problem - it was better to copy them than to move, yet I'll think of adding favourite bar to listboxes in tabsup option window, thanks for this suggestion. But tweaking firefox's internal option window - I'm afraid you request impossible :)

  • I like it, especially random option. Using bookmark folders gives good flexibility and is easy to manage.

  • The add-on worked perfectly two changes may help though. "Random tabs" being able to open random bookmark from the bookmark menu without selecting folder/sub-folder. Also an extra function that allows you to input start up pages without having to make a folder explicitly for start up pages. Adding those two function will raise this three start rating to a five.