Feature request Rated 5 out of 5 stars


To the programmer: my request is to force sites to give you the "real" url when you use TabSubmit.

Example: "dbopm :: Search results"

If I use TabSubmit - the link is always - http://www.dbopm.com/home/index/40 - I think that's a problem.

= The site makes "site searches" in Firefox's history impossible. Both the title and url are always the same. The title is always "dbopm :: Search results" and the url never changes.

= Search links can't be shared or bookmarked , etc.

= It's good (and useful) to see where you really are.


To anybody reading this:

I sent the above comment to the the "Support E-mail" that's in the right sidebar.

If you like my request - you could leave a review or email the programmer. The more people ask the programmer for something - the more likely grant the request.